10 Fiery Questions With Nigerian Musician & Actor- Ugovin

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Gbedustreet Media caught up with fast-rising artist and thespian Ugochukwu Kelvin Obinwanne, popularly known Ugovin, and he discussed sundry issues bothering his career, personal life, and other trivia.

The Man Ugovin

Ugovin is a man on a mission, and his drive, passion, and work ethic truly define a man who is ready to break new grounds and establish himself as the next big shot in the Nigerian entertainment sector, both as a musician as well as an actor in Nollywood.

Below are excerpts from the interview and interactive session with this suave and handsome Musician, Actor and Business man.

Ugovin resides in Lagos and is currently signed to Squared Entertainment, a music and recording label situated in Lagos.

Question 1: Let’s meet you

Ugovin: My name is Ugochukwu Kelvin Obinwanne also known as Ugovin. I’m a fast-rising Nollywood actor and as well as a music act.

Question 2: The name Ugovin, how did you come about it?

Ugovin: Ugovin is a combination of the prefix of my name Ugochukwu, that’s the “Ugo” and the suffix of my other name Kelvin from where the “Vin” was derived, and we have “Ugovin”.

On the other hand, the name also has another deep meaning- Ugo means eagle in Igbo language while Vin means to conquer in Latin which gives the name an entirely new semantics which literally translates to an “All-conquering Eagle” (smiling assertively).

Question 3: What could you describe as the inspiration behind your artistry?

Ugovin: I truly love to express myself artistically and what better way can I do that other than music via my songs. Simply put, my inspiration comes from within because I really love to be free and soar high and speak confidently through my music.

Question 4: You do music and also act, now which of these vocations can best describe you as a brand, especially within the context of “UGOVIN”?

Ugovin: I will say music, I do music full time; acting is part-time thing for me at the moment. Then, in-between music and acting, we also shoot comedy skits as well! But music is number one for me.

Question 5: Having a career as a music artist can be quite tasking, so is being an actor, especially in a competitive space like the entertainment industry in Nigeria, so how do you cope with managing your time between two careers?

Ugovin: Most times it is very difficult and artistically tasking, to say the least. Sometimes you might be given a script and specified date to be in the location for the job, meanwhile, you have an album project or an EP (Extended Play), you are working on. But I still need to cope because this is what I love doing, sometimes I’d just give up one for the other (laughing)

Question 6: What’s your best asset?

Ugovin: I’d say my house. Real Estate appreciates with time, so it is safe to say my house.

Question 7: Can you tell us some of your challenges?

Ugovin: In the industry here in Nigeria or even globally, fast-rising acts face a whole lot of challenges. For me, I’ve had so many unsavory encounters with gay individuals, or homosexuals as we know them, all of them making frantic efforts to cajole me into the act without my consent, then of course I can never do that because it goes against my principles and again I’m strictly a straight person. They are also occasions where the movie producer is a lady, as well as a married woman, she might like you and would want you to sleep with her first, these are all against my Christian belief.

Question 8: If you had the power to change the past, can you describe one experience you’d have reversed to a different outcome in the present?

Ugovin: that would be ever leaving Nigeria to Bangladesh. If I had the power to change that, trust me I would rather be here than leave for a country where you only have to suffer and never work.

Question 9: What’s your biggest and most cherished moment?

Ugovin: conversing with my woman, her name is Kendra Davis she is Jamaican and Bahamas based, she is so amazing and breathtakingly beautiful!

Question 10: your advice to other upcoming acts and finally where we hope to see you in the next 5 years:

Ugovin: For all the upcoming acts out there, you have to keep grinding, keep hustling, and above all stay consistent.

For the next five years, I see myself so big to the extent of dominating the game with my face splashed on every billboard across every nook and cranny of the Country and beyond the borders of Nigeria to Europe, the Americas, Asia, and within the African continent.

There you have it people, thanks for reading and ensure you drop your comments and reaction.

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