10 Hottest Hip Hop Albums Now on Amazon Stores [II]

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This is the concluding part of this particular blog post, you can see the previous post to get a heads up on some of the hot Albums

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Now back to our discussion of the hottest Hip hop Albums currently blazing at the Amazon Store!

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  1. Black Ken [Explicit] Lib B AKA the BasedGod, takes his controversy garb out as he bust some rhymes and verses in this 27 track banger that’ll either leave some pleasant or sour taste on every Lil B fan or hater. This Berkeley California native is no stranger to hard things, (especially with the whole cumbersome and lengthiness of the Album), because doing 27 tracks in one album is no mean feat. The funny thing about this whole drama is that he was kinda monotonous, imagine featuring anybody in even a track for the entire duration of the Album. The track list included some hot rap bites like-  Bad Mf [Explicit], Wasup JoJo [Explicit] Hip Hop,
    DJ BasedGod [Explicit], Berkeley ,Free Life, Pretty Boy Skit, Young Niggaz etc; were some of the songs that featured prominently on this hot rap collection. Lil B is one rapper that has made the most of today’s promotional tactics and technology to gain some mainstream appeal ,and I bet this piece had the prerequisite juice in it, one strong enough to take him up the ladder of hip hop royalty!

  2. Let the Dead Bury the Dead [Explicit] No Malice tries to keep hip hop alive with this hot 10 Tracker piece. This is more of an EP as he continues to maintain his vibes and swag especially after going solo. This Album was more of a solo thing as his brother and long collaborator Pusha T was unavoidably absent in the whole scheme of things. However, No Malice came out with hot tracks like-  #Ltdbtd (Intro), Fake News, Lu.4:5 ,Jesus Christ [Explicit] , So Woke [Explicit] Why Cry, Sky Crack [Explicit],  Done and Said [Explicit], Shame on Me and Let’s Die [Explicit] . The lyrics and the rhyming skills were top notch with some occasional punchlines and diss lines carefully directed to whomever it may concern. He also made some reflections by referencing his new found christian religious belief. For all those hip hop fans who abhor anything trap, then they had better avail themselves of this piece. I believe it should be hot on your shelves and CD collections enough of the weak, boring trap slur currently dominating the airwaves!

  3. Streets Don’t Love You [Explicit] Quoting one of the reviews of a customer who got this hot piece for himself-

    “This album starts out with straight hear from the beginning and Reconcile never stops. Reconcile is one of the most overlooked and underrated artists out there. He is authentic and a straight BEAST. I am thankful for God’s gift to us through Reconcile!”

    Well the submission above says it all, as Ronald Stephen “Ronnie” Lillard, Jr AKA Reconcile takes us through this labyrinth filled with punchlines albeit trap, but still dope. Tracks like –

    were some of the songs that mad the final cut, he also featured some artists like JuneBug & Stunna Bam who held it down as this dude got his vocals all out in this piece.

  4. Trust the Process [Explicit] Ace Hood has come a long ways after the success of his last two albums, but he come in with some rather new sound here. Not novel in every sense of the word, but I bet he’s got something to say. This Album had about 13 tracks to its credit, with collaborations from just one artist OZ, one cannot really say if this was dope enough. But I thinks Ace Hood got some stuff going on for him here with some of the tracks like-

    This album might not attain much commercial success, but I believe it still has some fighting chance or so

  5. Federal 3X [Explicit] is a 15 Track explicit rap tunes by Demario White AKA Moneybagg YoIf you are indeed a fan of heavily trapped music, then get on the bandwagin let this Memphis Tennessee native thrill you to no end with his Southern rap verses. He worked solo for this piece, and had some songs like-

    The production was top notch with the sound as filtered and clean as ever , but laced with some very punchy verses and explicit NSFW words littering the entire content. MoneyBagg Yo I bet has some mainstream appela that truly robs off on this album, but not necessarily dope enough to win over every rap critic, especially for trap music cynics like yours truly.

Well that’s the final cut and I bet you read up till this point. Notwithstanding, you could avail yourselves the opportunity of getting all the tracks featured in all the albums for these artistes and many others, which cuts across varied music genres and types.

So go over now within these 30 days and Download all these tracks for free.

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Written By Kris Phils

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