10 reasons why relationships fail

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Relationships are a beautiful bond people share. Seeing two people in a relationship gives you hope that something pure can exist. But reality strikes when these beautiful bonds crumble and things go wrong. We all have been there when something goes wrong and even before we can act, it’s all gone, But the problem is we never realize what really went wrong. 

So we are going to be exploring some major reasons why most relationships fail;

1. Not paying enough attention:

Although one could never really insist on keeping things as dreamy as it was in the beginning, you must never fail to pay attention at any point in time. Texting, playing or watching TV while your partner is trying to share something is rude and is going to end up in arguments. Our brothers  know what I’m talking about. Especially when it comes down to the doings, if you know, you know.

2. Forgetting to Compliment:

As time passes many ignore to appreciate their partners for who they are. Sometimes those small compliments can strengthen your bond more than anything. Always remember to compliment your partner, don’t get too used to his or her face or look. Sometimes it is advisable that you don’t compliment truly, especially when dealing with her. Except you are ready for some fussing.

3. Telling Lies:

While I don’t find a point in why a beautiful relationship would require one to lie, trust is the most basic block of any relationship. You let it slip and your relationship is doomed to drown.

4. Family:

when it comes to family issues, it is very important that you remember that your partner comes from a totally different background, so you should not expect him or her to just dump what has been learnt but rather it is a matter of both sides adapting into each others lifestyle and traits, as long as it works for you both.

5. Skipping important arguments:

If you think avoiding an argument is going to calm things down, then you are completely wrong. It is just going to build more anger in your partner and establish an idea about your lack of involvement. Sometimes it is important to discuss. 

6. Tracking rights and wrongs:

A relationship will have some areas of giving up from both sides and all of us do expect it to be fair. But trying to maintain a scorecard to find if it is equal is absolutely wrong.

7. Emotional abuse:

Remember your partner genuinely loves you and trying to manipulate their emotions to get what you want is you taking advantage of them.

8. Trying to change them:

The person you are with is the person you really like. If you try to change them thinking it is going to bring some good, just beware you might lose the person you liked in the process.

9. Irresponsible:

A relationship is a mature decision in any person`s life. Once you have accepted to commit in the same, you must be open to accepting challenges and responsibilities thereafter. Acting irresponsibly all the time will only frustrate your partner.

10. Being judgmental:

If you try to act just like all the other people out there about your partner and their choices, you cannot be special to them. While you could always give suggestions, being judgmental is mean.Building a relationship is a tough job, but breaking it is very easy. It takes only minutes to break everything apart. If you have a feeling like something is going wrong in your relationship, then you need to start paying attention. Try your best to get rid of these flaws and you are one happy couple to go!

We really do hope that you have gotten some truths and learnt how not to bring that beautiful relationship to an end. This is gbedustreet, we bring you only the best of information and entertainment. Have a wonderful love experience.

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