11 Nigerian Artistes who could go to Oblivion if their Acts are not checked:

by Oct 29, 2018Music Tips & Extras

How things quickly change in the industry is one so alarming; today you could be the biggest act, and before you know you could just fizzle out and be forgotten.

If you doubt me, where are the Styl-Plus, Azadus, Tony Tetuilas, Rugged Man and the likes? Black Face is probably one of the wackiest acts around and he has tried to reawaken his lifeless career through controversy and throwing tantrums at successful artistes like his former label mates (2Face & Faze). Unfortunately this has thrown him further down the road to irrelevancy and outright oblivion.

The feeling is mutual, and the trend is repetitive, what goes around comes around. This is why the following acts need to watch it, or they just fall into oblivion, and know this- once you are down, getting up is not an easy ordeal, you can ask Duncan Mighty and he’ll give you the full story.

  1. Harry Song: Harry used to be the Five Star fronts man before he fell apart with his label boss E Money and his elder brother K Cee. Today Harry Song is the boss of his own and his label – Alterplate is not doing badly. But why we placed him at number one here is his wrong attitude to stardom and chaperoning his celebrity status. This dude is understandably one of the best acts in the industry, but again his rudeness and cocky nature is quite legendary. I recently bumped into him when he was a guest artiste at Kodi & the Kids; you could see how he got himself surrounded with some rather bulwark and egotistical bodyguards so bad as his PR peeps who think rolling with him is tantamount to being with God! Jeez! When we tried to approach him for a chat, these dudes where so bad at handling people. Now that’s my own personal experience. But this dude has been called out severally by close buds and associates. Even when he was forming “Depression” his former label mate took to social media to make a post of one certain ungrateful dude who thinks so highly of himself while exploiting others to his own selfish advantage. In what looked like a publicity stunt gone sour, his former manager corroborated the story, affirming the dude’s poor showmanship. Even when he was having the Selense I & II controversy with Kizz Daniel, he’s publicity and PR managers once again displayed their cockiness and poor managerial skills by handling the controversy in a rather unprofessional manner. So I daresay Harry needs to get his act right, handle yourself with decorum, understand that your fans and the media are the ones who created you. When you disregard them, you are just sounding a very loud death knell on your budding career.
  2. Mr.Real: In what looked like a revolutionary move, Mr. Real made one of the most costly and not well thought out move by redoing or should I say remixing his monster single – LEGBEGBE , but this time he chose to feature peeps who are somewhat alien to the Shaku-Shaku Revolution spearheaded by him and the duo of Slimcase & Idowest. The truth is that the trend is fast going into oblivion, and if this fella does not watch it, he could become one of those in the Archives of the industry in the near future.
  3. Idowest: It was highly applauded when this dude was signed onto the DMV Management and he became one of the highly sought member of Davido’s legendry 40 Billion Gang. Well many thought that this Shaku-Shaku exponent will follow this buzz with the release of top vocals blending the kpon kpon sound with a blend of Shaku-Shaku , and creating another unique trend that could cause another revolutionary stir in the industry. Unfortunately, the Shepeteri crooner is struggling to put up with the pressures of being loyal to his gang… em sorry label mates and also staying through as one of the Street’s foremost Kings. The sad thing here is that Idowest is clearly not suitable with the DMV crew, especially with the supremacy battle going on between the members. Remember, there’s Mayorkun (who is the favorite son of the boss), Dremo, Perruzi, Fresh and other ostentatious and showy dudes struggling with CHIOMA Assurance to be the boss’s fav act. So Idowest had better go back to the Streets and stop forming Porsche when he can clearly ride comfortably in a molue and keep his joy and sanity intact
  4. Slim Case: The current King of the Street could just find himself in the archives of the industry with the fast pace the Shaku-Shaku craze is dying down. This very savvy and loud broad has been featured by almost every top act in the biz. From DJ Xclusive, Olamide, Omawunmi, Tiwa Savage, D Banj and more. He is currently the most sought after street act in the industry. All these could go south if for some reasons he does not revolutionize his act by redesigning the trend he pioneered. I hate to sound as an Alarmist, but the Shaku-Shaku thing is not something I see staying relevant for long, and Slim is so engrossed in the trend with his sesa mi ganja shouts that he might wake up someday and find himself struggling for relevance. I love this dude, and I just wish he could refine and recreate the trend to suite future demands as the industry is so dynamic!
  5. Kizz Daniel: This Woju crooner is undoubtedly one of the most talented acts in the industry. He is so vocally endowed that he is sometimes grossly underrated to say the least. You’ll ask me, “Why is he on this list?” good question. Well Kizz is one dude that many complain of being rude and opinionated. Some might even castigate me for adding him to the list owing to his heavy work load & vocal strength, creativity and artistic ingenuity. Yes he has all that, but attitude is key to staying relevant. Have you wondered why 2Face has remained the most relevant act even when his mates he started with are already deep into retirement? It’s simple- humility and a strength of purpose kept him strong all these years. Even the manner Kizz handled the Selense I controversy between him, Raekado Banks and song owner- Harry Song, speaks volume of this dude’s innate profligacy and poor understanding of public relations. When news got out that he shunned the video because Raekado was on the track, I was like “hey mister, are you for real?” You are good no doubt, but watch your carriage and move carefully lest you step on the wrong toes.
  6. Korede Bello: It is so sad that this Godwin exponent and one of the youngest revelations of the industry could be on this list. When he got signed on under Don Jazzy’s Mavin Crew, I thought Korede had the heat and vibrancy capable of taking him far. I was kinda surprised that his fellow label mate Raekado , will overtake him and become the Star KID of the entire Mavin Crew, with the former struggling for the most part to remain relevant. He has managed to release a few singles to match up his monster hit- GODWIN, but all these singles where below par and even when he linked up with Lil Kesh to cook up some street vibes in My People, the song was just there for a couple of days and that was it. Although Koredo has one thing going for him- Age, so I still believe he could make a comeback tomorrow and reclaim his place, before this smooth faced kid become one of the forgotten upstarts.
  7. Lil Kesh: After leaving Olamide’s YBNL crew, Kesh formed his own YAGI music group, but this kid is not finding things easy. He has released a couple of street songs to keep up with his street cred and YBNL persona, unfortunately for the Shoki crooner, things are not looking so good. Even when he reunited with his former boss in Naira Marley’s monster World-cup banger – ISSA GOAL; It was kinda hard for him to take his act to the next level. His lines though street enough, but his swag and cred was not lit enough. Kesh, I still believe could live up to his Headies Next Rated billings if he cleans up his act. Again, he has the age advantage going for him; he also needs to hire good PR crews. I still remember his poorly worked out “I’m-quitting-music-for-farming” publicity stunt he pulled sometime to build some buzz for his then soon to be released single, that went south and almost killed his once budding career.
  8. Tekno: This is by far one of the rudest specie of human, this brother has ran rough shod on pretty much any person aside those within his circle. Very unfriendly, full of himself and utterly uncooperative and relatively unsociable. I have never seen this Kpana crooner wishing anybody especially his colleagues a Happy birthday (except maybe his Made Men Boss Ubi Franklyn). He just stays on his own, never collaborates with any artist, and just makes love to himself. Even when he plagiarized the works of Mad Melon and his mate, he considered the danfo driver exponents as expired products begging for relevancy, but when the duo threatened law suit, he decided to part with a paltry N2 Million to compensate them for stealing their song, and out of lack, they obliged him with his Greek gift. The funny aspect is that Tekno  for the most part of his career rely mostly on copyrighted works. Dude lacks creativity and originality. All his sounds are basically originated from works of legends like Fela, and the greedy manner in which he owns this sounds tells you much of how lacking he is in every aspect. That he manages to reel out songs that eventually become overnight hits, is a story for another day. But in all, he needs to tone down on his cockiness and self conceited attitude. I even heard he called the bluff of Planet TV when they approached him for some chat. I thought going by his antecedence, he should have understood the power of the media. They could possibly make or mar your career.
  9. Iyanya: This former Made men Group Poster-Boy took his act to Mavin, but I think he’s lost the magic that once made him one of the biggest revelations of 2009. Today, Iyanya is the shadow of his former self. Touted for his power abs and strong bod, this Kukere crooner’s act has taken a tailspin. One thing about this dude that I believe that has the industry all under him is his sonorous voice and superb delivery any time he sings. I still believe he could come out of the doldrums and take his music to unfathomable heights, but to do that, he needs to rework his ideals and psychology who I believe has largely contributed to the decline he’s experienced all this period.
  10. Wizkid: This is the biggest act of the continent as we speak. He makes music creation look so easy with his sturdy performance and rich Afrocentric musical representations. Currently, he has broken the Nigerian YouTube record of releasing a song that capped the one million views in less than 21 hours of its release. He is also enmeshed in a love controversy with Mavin’s first lady and sultry songstress- Tiwa Savage whose raunchy and steamy outing in the video Fever, leaves so much to be desired. Wizzy has it all going good for him; he is rich, famous, got the love of one of the sexiest females in the industry and above all has lovely kids from 3 baby mamas and counting. However, he needs to keep it cool and remember his humble beginning. That he shunned the Traditional Wedding and White Wedding of his former mentor and boss- Banky W for reasons best known to him, tells you much about his character. That he even neglects his kids- (which is nobody’s business if you ask me); also reflects so much on how morally bankrupt this dude is. That he closed down the O2 Arena in London and other sold out concerts is no panacea and sad excuse for his under par attitude. He even went further to stun show promoters when he announced that he was booked till 2021. This StarBoy needs to watch it because he who lives in glass houses should never throw stones!
  11. Dr Sid: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! I’m still yet to come to terms with this guy as an Artiste. I see him more as a boardroom icon and guru than an entertainer. The sad aspect is that he is really struggling with his career at the moment. Kudos to Don Jazzy for still having this unproductive act on his label. Aside tagging along with other Mavin signees and getting involved in controversies with Tee Billz over his alleged affairs with Tiwa, this dude still feels like he’s riding over the moon. He needs to dust his act or get booted out. I mean what has it been like since you had a hit After Surulere? 2, 3, 4 or how many years now? A couple of years back I was listening in to a radio program he was on and he was busy telling the OAP about his fat bank account! Jeez!




Well that’s your Eleven, feel free to add yours, let’s see who leaves the bench and gets substituted in the run up of the games!

Written By chinemere onuekwusi

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