13 Ways to attract more Audience & Exposure for Your Songs: part I

by Sep 18, 2018Music Tips & Extras

What are the Ways to attract more Exposure for my Songs and become the next big thing?:

Thats the question every Artiste with purpose will always ask and ponder:

As an upcoming Artiste, especially with an industry saturated with both dopeness and wackiness, getting yourself to be heard is like looking for a needle in the proverbial haystack.

This is why you need to come up with some level of productivity, in an atmosphere where there’s a dearth of funds to give your songs the maximum exposure it needs.

Now the following tested methods will go a long way in helping you with the needful, and trust me in no time you’d be up there competing at the top of the food chain with other top sound predators.

  • 1. Good Production: This is the bedrock of every good music, and many artists tend to ignore this very salient fact; maybe for lack of funds to go for the leading industry Producers or just plain ignorance. But having being in this line of business where I get to listen to songs from a large pool of Artistes almost every second, I can say with every bit of seriousness that most of the big names are just overhyped sound creators. I have met and listened to sounds and beats that are world class from many underground and underrated Producers. If you are in doubt, look out for just two guys I can attest to the magic of their production- Cahsems Beat who Produced songs like Jonzing by Abednego Norris, I surrender by Jazzy J, La le Friday by Ogshee2 feat Oladips and Jumabee and several other songs in his production kitty. Then Onujae- who is one Producer whose productive ingenuity is truly one never lacking in creativity. You can feel his vibes in songs like – Mummy Why by Gidzeey, Flow by Laced Flow, Lagos by Angel Francis and other wave making and soon to be chart worthy songs. But if you insist on remaining the Biblical Thomas- you can indeed try out your hands in becoming your own producer, and you can easily use this free and very useful tool- Enhance Your Sound 2M+ Samples, Loops, FX & PresetsThe Spice Tool for creators (You can register with this link and we get to earn some income from this referral)
  • 2. Building a Loyal Social Media Following on Facebook and other Social Media Platforms: This could be a daunting task especially for the Artiste who’s still trying to take a slice of the social media pie that’s getting smaller every day since a large chunk of it has been taken by the Top Guns in the industry. Notwithstanding, you can still do quite a lot to get the attention you require. You can start by posting not just your stuff. But stuff that are quite engaging, not necessarily pictures of you hanging out with Wizkid as an unfortunate underdog craving for unsolicited attention. Instead you rather go the extra mile of posting pictures of you working in the studio, hanging out with industry influencers and pretty much any activity that portends you as a hard worker and Next Rated Star. Doing all these cannot guarantee you the numbers you’d love to have in your following, however it can just take you a step further by placing you in a place where more eyes could get to see and notice you! Who knows?


  • 3. Connecting with Influential Bloggers: Believe me Bloggers are the next thing since sliced bread. I know this because I’m one; the very savvy and smart Artistes I’ve connected with in this past few months truly value my association with them. So I advise every artiste who knows his onions to make friends with bloggers, not the copy and paste ones, but those who know what content production and Writing is all about. The good thing about this is that you get more mentions, interestingly from the influential blogs with large following and top notch contents. Most Artistes would you ask how? Well its quite easy, for example at gbedustreet we make that so possible via our social media handles and of course our Whatsapp


  • 4. Make Friends with DJs: These guys are the next top guns in the scheme of things and occupy an enviable position as far as running things in this industry is concerned. As a matter of fact, some are becoming even more relevant than real Artistes. Just check out being in tandem with the top Jockeys like the Exclusives, Jimmy Jatts, Spinalls and more. Well you know how that would give you the much needed lifeline that’d be the game changer as far as your career is concerned. DJs hold the aces, they get you into shows, feature you in their songs and more. The famous Alaba Mix where many Artistes hunger to be featured in, is indeed the creation of a DJ.
  • 5. Putting Your Songs on Top Blogs: Aside making friends with Bloggers, having your songs posted in their blogs is one power move that gives your career a new berth in an instant. Fortunately, this niche is overpopulated with music and entertainment bloggers. Though getting your tracks on their blogs is very important, but I’ll advise here that you need to be careful of what kind of blogs you feature your songs because most are just mere tank farms with lean and plagiarized contents. And getting your intellectual property carelessly posted in sites with bad structure and poor grammar can truly hurt the reputation of your song.
  • 6. Getting it Global by Adding to the iTunes Store and others:. In an ever changing and dynamic World where technology and how it is consumed keeps evolving; it becomes pertinent that you give your songs some global feel and appeal, by making it one of the many songs streamed daily on these platforms – iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Last FM, Tidal, Google Music, Amazon Music Plus etc: are some rather interesting services where you get your songs in. I don’t need to stress the importance of doing this, but I’ll only advise you to flow with the tide and be counted. Many unknown Artistes have found overnight success after adding their songs on iTunes and other top stores. Don’t hesitate, just do it, especially now that we have decided to help every newbie Artist/up-comers bridge that gap. So be a part of our promo where we assist you in becoming a global brand as we aid y’all in adding your tunes on all these stores.

This is part one of the post, part II will be released soon, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, you can drop your comments and reactions let’s know what you feel. Thanks!


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