2INSTAR Combines Vocal Strength in “Aye Olowo”

by Jun 24, 2018Indigenous, New Releases

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2INSTAR is a twin singing duo who have been doing music professionally for about 8 years now and releases this cool vernacular afro-pop song which they call –Aye Olowo” in Yoruba which translates thus in English as “life of the rich”.

Aye Olowo lyrically lives up to its bidding when you consider the story and the narrative behind the song, and 2INSTAR showcased the twin power that has been known to be behind the commercial success of the defunct PSquare and The Mamuzee Twins. The song sounded more like a folklore in praise of wealth and how money could be a game changer and master key that unlocks every difficulty and upheavals if one strives to earn it.

One other thing I specifically loved about this song, except maybe for its simplicity, is the beautiful sound of the flute playing succinctly within the background of the song, and it was truly superb how the duo got on well with their verses, jumping on the song and killing it to the delight of their fans and listeners.

The track was produced by Major Beat who put on his creative genius to mix the song bearing in mind the ever teeming fans of the duo, he even borrowed some of Dbanj’s monster hit song- “Mobolowon’s” beat and delivery albeit subtly, and some more kudos to 2INSTAR for making most of the beat to power home a song worth singing and dancing to!

Ensure you download this track even when the main narrative of the song- money, decides to visit your domain!

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