2winny Kings evokes God’s ambience in “Come Through” feat DJ Flame X Evo

Still basking in the euphoria of the success of their EP (Sounds From Zion; )- 2winny Kings comes out with a sophomore effort and new gospel rendition they call – Come through and features the duo of DJ Flame and the multi talented Evo.

The song speaks of God’s supernatural love and abundant mercy, regardless of the struggles and upheavals of life.

Come Through is a Gospel song with profound lyrics and exceptional vocals; a beautiful piece made with so much supernatural grace and a confounding yet wonderful story that takes you through the labyrinth of the Almighty’s grace especially in coming to the rescue of his beloved creatures of which 2winny Kings are a part of.

The song was produced by Son of God , who did a wonderful job especially as he introduces a tempo that spirals into some sound that speaks of divinity and evokes the  ecclesiastical presence and ambience of God.

Evo, truly shone through via his lyrical input as well as a sonorous voice that glorifies God. You could feel his perfect refrain which gave this song the sophistication and poise it boasts of. Not forgetting the Man on the wheels of steel- DJ Flame, whose addition also lit the entire scene all to the glory of God.

Come Through is a gospel music joint filled with positive vibes, hope and God’s abundant Love and Mercy and therefore takes it’s rightful place in the consciousness of true believers who can truly stay in the presence of God as they sing along this quartet.

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