2Winny Kings Sets the Tone for Worship in “I Can (Do all things)”

by Jul 10, 2018Gospel

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2Winny Kings are a duo who’s gospel music inspiration has translated into making good music. Songs that worships and espouses God’s dominion over his creation, and this track they Titled: I Can (Do all things); showcases the immense talent both gospel crooners are endowed with, especially in this genre, and sets them in a pedestal to compete with the top dogs in gospel music hierarchy.

I Can (Do all things) is a song that resumes in a rather slow manner with a soft pitch in play, and gets you in the mood for worship. Not forgetting the intro that’s quite sanctimonious, one whose very essence has the right tunes to even arouse the subconscious of subliminal beings like the Angels, with the duo of 2Winny Kings, singing profoundly, pouring out their hearts contritely to the glory of the Almighty.

The song though presented in a rather lean monosyllabic content,the phrase “I can do all things, through Christ who strengthened me” chorused throughout the rendition; what the song lacks in this regard, it makes up in its presentation, considering the cool and sonorous voice that this two used in this gospel duet that’ll melt even the most stony of hearts – leading them back to God in worship; reaffirming his strength through Christ Jesus.

The track was produced by High Hillz who made sure he employed the right sounds and a blend of instruments, to lift this song to heights that gives the listener a sense of worship and the mood to life the name of God higher in worship and ordinance.

For all gospel music buff, I’d say this with every sense of commitment, that this song has all th ingredients that could make your Sunday a super Sunday bearing in mind the compatibility the song speaks of for every occasion and interest for as long as it’s a gathering of true believers.

So I urge y’all to go download, listen, sing and worship our God Almighty in a sense that strengthens us all to attain the very height which we all desire

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