5 Print on Demand Sites Where Indie Artists can Sell Merch

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What is Print on Demand?

Simply put, Print-on-Demand is simply a term that refers to deploying Direct to Garment Technology (DTG), to print directly on a selected section of an item.

It could be either a picture, inscription, or anything intuitively connoted by the graphics implied.

It also involves other aspects of this interesting chain.

Starting from creating the product, placing it on the platform, then shipping the products (fulfilling the order), and finally selling it to your would-be customer.

Do I require Money to Start a Print on Demand Business as an Artist?

You can literally start on a zero budget and still get the desired results with no qualms.

The only currency you need is the desire and passion, spiced with infectious creativity commensurate enough to make it happen in no time.

What are the Requisite Skill sets to run a Print on Demand Business:

As far as skills go, it’s either you possess the skillset of Michelango or Picasso, or you are a design dummy like the rest of us.

Either way, the job can still be done, with amazing freemium tools like Canva, photopea , etc.

With little or no graphic design skills, you can invariably scale up your designs to match the aesthetic creativity of top-notch graphic designers and illustrators.

However, if for whatever reason you think outsourcing the job is the right thing for you (which I recommend if you’ve got the greenbacks); then be sure to recruit the very best designers you can ever imagine.

My go-to platform is Fiverr.

I know other job marketplaces are littered all over cyberspace, but I think Fiverr (except for Upwork), has done quite a beautiful job.

Aside from occasional user complaints. the platform makes it a point of duty to ensure that only the best gets recruited.

Its powerfully designed algorithm only favors the few who know their stuff.

Which makes recruitment a tad easy for a client looking for the best.

Recruit the Best Designers

Work with the best Designers.
starting price is $5

What are the Best Products that can be Printed on?

Apparently, you can print on any item that catches your fancy, but recall it’s not about what you want but what kinds of products the market demands.

Ensure you carry out the necessary research, Print on Demand sites are the best places to visit.

The best items especially for musicians to create customized POD items include:

  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Tank Tops
  • Vintage items
  • Cups & Mugs

Where can I get images and mockups for this?

Normally, many people will recommend free stock footage sites like pexels, pixabay, unsplash, etc.

While these aforementioned platforms could come in handy, especially for an artist on a budget, I’d advise you not to download materials and mockups here for obvious reasons.

  • The materials here are overused
  • It is generic and bland
  • some contain a watermark
  • It is on every person’s computer.

Now that we have specified the demerits of using free stock photography sites, I’ll go ahead and list some cool and resourceful sites to get the best png images, mockups, vector items, etc.

  • Canva: This is the most user-friendly platform for moms, pops, design dummies, etc. Its free tier package can get you started, but if you truly want to get the best of resources (product mockups and renders). It is best you upgrade to the premium package. This package unlocks 100 million+ premium photos, videos and elements, 3,000+ premium fonts, 610,000+ premium templates, etc. You can use my link to start your 30 days free trial.
  • Envato Elements: The Resource here can be intimidating. But this is apparently one of the most robust platforms to get virtually everything you want for one unlimited creative subscription of just $16.50/month.
  • Vecteezy: Another Resource center to get high-quality design templates. From mockups, Vectors, renders, high-quality PNG, etc.
  • Placeit: Another Envato Family creation, this platform is quite complementary and its user interface so intuitive and easily navigable. one other amazing thing about Placeit is its cheap pricing. Starting at $7.47 /month, you have access to Unlimited Downloads of mockups, social media templates, logo design variants, eCommerce templates, etc.


List of the Best Websites and Platforms to create Print on Demand Items/Products:

Finally, we get to the meaty part of this piece, here we list Five Websites where you can begin your Print on Demand journey.


These sites are mostly free to use for the most part.


Printify is one of the most popular print-on-demand sites and rightly so.

Its integration with third-party tools like Wix, Etsy, and WordPress via Woocommerce, gives it sophistication and acceptance across the board.

The user interface look quite simple, making the learning curve a tad easy and easily comprehensive.

The Product Template library is also rich and for any newbie, you could start creating amazing designs with little or no practice.

I love the fact that they are tons of tutorials on the platform on varied topics.

For more information on getting started on Printful; you can see the articles below:


Another simplistic site that has gained quite a reputation within the Print-on-Demand circles.

Not too easy a site to grasp in a go, but its design tools, extensive design verticals, and templates give it a respectable reputation.

One other thing I love about Redbubble is its bold and conspicuous design verticals.

This help eliminates pixelated and blurry creatives for your designs.


The site has been around for some time now since Print on demand became a thing on the internet.

You can set up shop, ship products, and make money the same day with Zazzle.

Its design tools are overly amazing and one thing I truly love about Zazzle is the richness of its color palette.

Also, its layer tool also helps designers easily stack things up, and it is also so easy to move things around while creating your designs without any form of intrusion.


Spreadshirt came into the POD game with a bit of new and old tactics.

While the company rode the wave, the company made it easy for no-tech skills peeps to create shops and scale things up seamlessly, all for free.

However, the company suffered from low ratings as a result of many customer complaints.

From low-quality fabrics to inadequate customer support, The company took a hit but is recovering.

Own Your own Woocommerce Store:

In the long run, setting up an eCommerce store utilizing this free plugin in the WordPress repository; should be the long-term plan.

Remember, all the sites listed above are owned by other parties.

Your usage of their various platforms is subject to their Terms of use, terms of service, and other subsistent laws and provisions.

Many users get their entire stores deleted for one policy violation or the other.

Which clearly means that all your hard work can go up in flames in seconds.

Setting up a Woocommerce store is as easy as creating a wordpress site and customizing it to your own taste.

There are tons of video tutorials that can walk you through the process.

Advantages of Starting your own Print on Demand Store

  • You are subject to your own terms
  • You can list and sell unlimited products
  • You set your prices and all the profit goes to you


  • You get to bear all the risks and liabilities
  • The cost of logistics might begin to add up as you increase your listings and customer base
  • Having a slow website can impact your search engine rankings
  • Other third-party Woocommerce extensions might incur hidden expenses

Aside from the above demerits, I still believe that an Artist who takes professionalism seriously; should have a website.

With a website, specifically one built on WordPress, selling customized POD items to clients and fans is as easy as taking candy from a baby.

Therefore creating a Print-on-demand business hosted on a custom domain you own, could unlock my financial doors for such artists.

Get a Shop Page Built in Minutes

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Final Thoughts:

Every Artist really needs to understand ways to scale things up market-wise.

So creating a Print-on-demand biz for various apparel and stuff could mean the difference in terms of having and lacking.

Lots of artists are saddled with the problem of funds.

It’s simply a no-brainer. running a Print on Demand business can help you raise funds for your next Music project.


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