7th Romahn Sets November 29th for the Release of His first Studio Cypher (116 CYPHER)

by Nov 15, 2018News

Cypher (116 CYPHER):

Cyphers are rather becoming the norm as far as the Hip Hop community is concerned and music in general.

At the last count, we have seen so many episodes where many hitherto underground Lyrical cats and Vocal underdogs, became Lyrical Warriors with their notoriety on the mic becoming legendary and highly celebrated; after taking part in a cypher.

On this promising note did 7th ROMAHN – Born Emmanuel Kwadwo Gyamera– a versatile Musician cum Sound Engineer and Writer, decide to come through to help keep the Rap culture alive by subsequently announcing his own epic Cypher scheduled to be held on the 29th day of November 2018.

By this superb magnanimity of his to Upcoming Artistes dominating the Music Fraternity; 7th Romahn has once again shown his love for the game and the industry at large. A gesture so exciting that many are beginning to ponder on what will or could go down as we count down to the 29th.

Who and Who are we Expecting on this Cypher?

The list is quite exhaustive and parades one of the very best you could think as far as the Industry is concerned. Now checkout these names and I’m excited already about what this Cypher portends, imagine having a studio full of the STARREXX, BASSAW, MUNUNKUM and PAWEZ –a Quartet who undoubtedly are the hottest Lyrical Kings currently dominating the West Coast of Africa, and specifically Ghanaian music industry.

So what informed this Eclectic Selection?

Well going by the antecedents of the four in the industry, considering their artistic mien, swag and attitude, coupled with their sublime delivery when on the Mic; STARREXX, BASSAW, MUNUNKUM and PAWEZ , have indeed proved their mettle as they made the coveted list of the chosen four.

Incidentally, all four are all under the Management of SOUND EMPIRE, and their ascendancy as far as the rap game is concerned, gives you a picture of broads who always know what to say, and always says it right.

7TH Romahn, who could be likened as a philanthropist, has shown his willingness to do more to help Young and Aspiring Artistes. This is his first Project and he titles it “116 CYPHER” Produced by his able self.

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