AlliVic Teams up With Angel in- “Nonstop”

by Jul 2, 2018Naija hip hop

AlliVic Teams up With Angel in- Nonstop

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Allivic is one apostle of true hip hop and spitting hardcore verses happens to be his thing as evident in this hot new sound he titles- “Nonstop”  and he teams with fellow dope lyricist Angel , to bring this well laced and poetic compilation to the elation of adherents of pure and undiluted rap.

Nonstop is a song that sets so many other tracks in this category as whack, especially as you listen to the chronological order in which the verses were placed, I loved the fast pace the song assumes. The intro was truly superb and gets your attention the moment the song filters through your ear drums forcing you to wait for the tirade of words that’ll follow.

Allivic is one of the few rappers I personally regard as The Renaissance  (Laced Flow, Gidzeey and Dynamiq), and the manner he jumps on this track and dropped his lyrics like it’s hot will make you shudder in ecstasy.

The track was produced by Onuhjae , who I must commend for combing the beats, taking it fast and getting a little laid back at some point then resuming the raciness allover again even while both lyricists spit their lines like vipers basking in the glow of the sun.

Another thing that caught my fancy is the style in which the former threw the gauntlet at Angel , who took it and flowed pretty well, adding more energy to the song without diluting the message of the song.

Just hear him “…. I’m blessed with this talent but cursed with ambition….heading to the top I choose my friends wisely… I’m still broke but…. whoa! it can’t get more poetic than this I must confess. One other thing going strong for this song is the chorus where Allivic showed his vocal strength and innate versatility.

Nonstop is a track worth including in your play-list, that is if you are a true fan of this genre of music (which I am), I urge y’all hip hop buffs to go check this out- download, listen, share, love and dance to!

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