Amotekun’s bill to be passed on Feb 14

by Feb 11, 2020News & Happenings

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo with Governor Fayemi of Ekiti State

For some months now we have been hearing, reading and knowing more about this new set of security group rising up in the South Western pay of Nigeria. It has now come to our notice that the proposed plan of this corps has gotten to the House of Assembly and the bill would be passed into law this Friday.

Yesterday in a meeting with the vice president of Nigeria, the Governor of Ekiti state announced that the western Nigeria security network, code named AMOTEKUN will be signed into law on Friday 14 of February 2020.
Governor Fayemi also noted that the South West houses of Assembly had made a promise to give the bill a quick audience.

In his words “Together with my colleagues, we have promised ourselves that this bill will be given accelerated discussions in our various State Executive Council meetings this week and send it expeditiously to our various State Houses of Assembly.”

Amotekun Civil Security

You might be wondering what is AMOTEKUN?
it is actually a group of vigilantes to be set up at the South West parts of Nigeria. this group would begin from ONDO STATE once the bill is passed and though some citizens panic concerning this group, just what if they go too far and lawless like most vigilante groups have turned out to be? but not to worry.

AMOTEKUN is actually a Yoruba name for the leopard and the group has been know to produce great warriors in the times past. they are fearless, compassionate towards the people and loyal to their command and this is why reciutment has began at ONDO STATE. other states are to commence reciutment as soon as the bill is passed.

Amotekun Civil Security

According to vanguard newspaper, Osun state Governor spoke with vanguard and disclosed some issues, some of his words were “We have concluded long ago that we are recruiting 900 locals and hunters into the Corp and we would do it through the local government councils across the state. For now, we are concentrating on making the bill see the light of the day”

With this new improvement we can be sure that security in the South West would climb up the stakes. the uniform though has got some citizens scared as it looks too serious but truth is that we need even more serious securities in this nation.

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News source : Vanguard

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