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On Friday, 6th March 2020 As promised we present an hour with J & J Classic with wonder JED whose hosting the Wonderful Duet J & J Classic

Gbedustreet TV host JED with the Wonderful Duet J & J Classic

as discussion continue On Gbedustreet TV

Hello Guys welcome to yet another session on Celebrity Hook up on Gbedustreet TV & as usual my name is JED, Today i won’t be on the show alone because i have here with me beautiful guest on my left and on my right, I have here with me J & J Classic, You are welcome to the show.

JED : How do you feel been on the show today ?

J & J Classic : Wonderful, we feel Good

JED : Wow! That’s very very fantastic and i feel good been on the show today with you guys, so first thing first, you are going to do a brief introduction about yourselves as an individual and as a Duo.

Julie : My name is ummmm Julie, That’s the first J

JED : and you are sir

James : James, thats the second J

JED : i actually did a little brief about you guys, you are James and she is Julie of the J & J Classic, is really nice to have you on the show, so i will be asking you a few questions and i’ll like you to like just be free with me and answer along the line.

To the main questions…..

JED : Alright how do you get to meet each other and was it music at that time ?

James : Let’s here from you (giggles)

JED : alright lets hear from the lady like they say ladies first actually so, how do you get to meet each other and do you actually thought about music when you get to meet him?

Julie : Yeah, i was into music before i met him anyway as a chorister, you know in the church

JED : so you started from the church

Julie : before i met him, so we look at the whole thing and we decided to do duet, you know duet R&B

JED : Of course like partners actually, alright so you know we’ve heard stories along the line like partners getting to do the same professions together and along the line they get to break up, you understand like the likes of emmmm Victor, Emma and so on so what makes you think you are gonna be different from others and people watching you like you know you have fans, there’s no how you’re doing something and you dont have people looking up to you, to learn one or two things from you so what makes you feel like you’re gonna be better of those people and along the line you’re not going to split up in the future, like you’re gonna wax stronger, so what difference can you say to that, what do you think ?

Julie : Anyway i think, ours will be different because they are in there own world, while we are in our own world and these are the 2 people who love the same kind of music.

JED : Ok so you both love what you’re doing

Julie : so we dont pray for that

James : What i see there is, when they start with money sometimes first the money come first, ehnn its gonna cause problem in the future, when you’re doing what you’re doing with passion, it helps you to go a long way.

JED : Exactly, so you know people tends to be greedy most times, you know when the money start coming in and probably you take the fame, because you are 2 different people but you’re duo so probably you get fans that likes you more or maybe he has fans that likes him more and you know

James : and jealous will come in

JED : of course, so basically you kind of understand each other better that is what makes you wax stronger

JED : so now speaking of that, ummmm what can you actually say about your Genre of music, you know most people before they go into or whatever they have to look into what they are going into we have different varieties of music, like Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock and the like so now you’re going into classical, what can you say about your own type of Genre of music

Julie : Let him say something (giggle)

JED : okay sir, over to you

James : You see everything is foundation, we were preying into a type of music from childhood, our parent love classical music, The Blues

JED : Wow, I actually love Blues oooo, i love song that are sooo slow and all that

James : I grew up in a place where they play, Lionel Richie, Steve Wonder, all these people Luca Bandross, so i was groom in that way, you know so that’s the kinda music i’m carrying on, i want to continue in that trend but in a modern way

JED : so you look at Lionel Richie as your mentor and you want to move in that line of music like they do

James : Yeah

JED : Wow that’s really good

after a short reading you can watch J & J-Classic music video below before the discusssion continues in a new dimension

You can watch the full video of the full interview below

as the discussion continues we welcome you guys on Celebrity hook up with J & J Classic & our host JED

JED : so now you agree with me that ummm, you know the music has taken over 70% of the whole world, majorly the youth of nowadays and you know everybody claims to be am a Marlian, i’ll refer myself to a marlian because i listen to Hip Hop and those kind of music that trends now, so you know youth of these days listen to just Hip Hop, Marlian music let’s just take for instance Nigeria in general, all the music we listen to these days are just Hip Hop, Fast music and the likes, so how are you going to describe that and how would you compete with that line of music, Hip Hop, Afropop and the like and are you going to do your music in a way that is worth listening to by the youth of nowadays

James : Well i share an idea with a friend that ask me almost the same question like how do you cope, when you’re doing classical music, so i said well, we have people in the past that are still alive and we have people in the present and the future so what we will do is we will create a system whereby the youth can love our music and the older one can love our music but it will still be classical music, a modern classical music

Gbedustreet TV host JED with the Wonderful Duet J & J Classic

JED : ok now you said, emmm am going to ask a question based on what you just replied me now, you said you wanna create a system whereby the youth can actually love you music, what kind of system are you trying to project, i mean what kind of system are you trying to tell us here ?

James : I’m thinking of using the same R&B to sound like Hip Hop, a modern R&B that can attract the youth

JED : so you’re trying to be creative here like infuse both R&B and Hip Hop in your music so the youth can actually like it

Julie : Especially the beat, you know they love beat (giggle)

JED : That’s true, so now do you think your music as a whole will project more, you know these days before you go into things you have to love what you’re doing, you can’t just go into something you don’t love because once you go into something you dont love you’re gonna like stop halfway, you’ll suffer for it, so now you doing classical music as a Duo, are you doing it for your passion or you’re doing it because of the money, tho am not saying you couldn’t get credit for it because there’s reward for everything you do, so now are you doing it for the passion of it or you’re doing it because “Let me just do it, after all there’s money in it” so what is your take on it ?

Julie : I think first of all, you have to love what you’re doing first, “I do it for passion, I Love Music”

JED : like you said, you started singing when you’re in the chorister and all

Julie : So you have to love what you are doing before you expect more

James : and it has a long way to go

JED : So now, if you’re to change something in the music industry because that is what you have taken as your profession and you’re really doing quiet ok in it, if you are to change like an individual like myself, there are certain things that i don’t like about myself and i really want to adjust to it so now given the chance that you’re given an opportunity to change something in the musical industry, what exactly would that be ?

James : Number one, with my background, i dont like the lyrics of songs i mean the Vulgar lyrics because music is education, “I went to music school, She went to music school”

JED : that is what i actually say too like when i listen to music i prefer when i listen to something there should be something educative about it because most of the song we listen to now is just about girls, you know shake your body all those kind of thing, there’s nothing to actually learn about, so i feel doing music should actually be educative, me listening to something and am not getting anything out of it, that is a waste of time, Yes exactly i should be able to learn something from it, so you’re actually saying something before i interrupted you

James : i wanna persuade the system to, i also wanna help the upcoming musicians to look out for the lyrics they use in there song because the lyrics affect the generation coming, you see little ones when they listen to it so they should be careful in what they put in there song that is going to be published, that’s why i wanna change that

JED : I feel that’s a good adjustment in the music industry because you know you been in the limelight everybody has a mentor you been a celebrity, you know you have thousands of people looking up to you like are actually following your lifestyle, the way you dress many people will
want to be like ok i want to be in the like of these person, I love the way he dresses i want to be like him, so if your lifestyle and your personality is not speaking well definitely you’re actually sending a wrong message to that person and it goes on like that, so now if you’re actually projecting outside is educative and its making sense definitely they’re going to change and they’re gonna learn more of it

again after a short reading you can watch J & J-Classic music video below before the discusssion continues in a new dimension

You can watch the full video of the full interview below

as the discussion continues we welcome you guys on Celebrity hook up with J & J Classic & our host JED

JED : so i actually love the idea of changing those aspect like making the music industry more educative, projecting things that umm the youth of nowadays are actually going to love, so now i’ll be moving to my next question, so doing ummm music professionally as a Duo what has been your experience so far because definitely before you do anything there are challenges that makes you stronger and actually want you to do more of that thing or maybe quit, the way am seeing both of you i dont think you are quiting anytime soon (giggles) like you said earlier, so what has been your experience so far doing music as Duo

(giggle) you’re actually looking at yourselves, say something you’re doing it together so you share the same experience, just start from anywhere

Julie : anyway, what am i going to say, the experience has been wonderful rehearsing together, singing together, infact it has been wonderful

JED : so far have there been any challenges you know, challenges betwwen the both of you

Julie : Yes like meeting up with time, time, time, time,

JED : Really, time can be so consuming exactly,

so far so good like since you’ve been doing music have you done any concert or you know done a concert or like you be in any concert so far, have you actually gone for a concert or be in a concert or do a concert as a Duo

James : Yes, we’ve been to few places, we’ve done few concert like ummm this year we’ve done so far not ourselves but invited to in 2 places, inspiral does lot of concert and invite us and we go as a Duet

JED : so i feel you really enjoyed yourselves, you did really fantastic

so do you have any project that you’re working on currently like anything you’ll like your fans to anticipate on

Julie : well, we have a video already title You’re mine, the video is out already, we are working on emm Chiaidinma (Our God is Good)

James : we’re coming home abit (giggles)

JED : Well, do you actually understand what chiaidinma means, definitely you guys are partner because you’ll have thought him alot of ibo and the culture everything, Wow thats great.

So how many music have you done so far ?

Julie : we have 5 and we have finished 5 and we have others that are coming on

JED : can you tell us the finished 5

Julie : we have I believe in you, we have You’re mine, we have Doing my best, we have Be my man, Can i hold you and ummm

JED : i really need to listen to all this like Be my man, You’re mine and Chiaidinma like you just said now, i believe you might have about the names T.W.O which is ummm like they’re partners just like both of you are, they are Tunde and Wunmi Obe so now do yo think you can be compared to those duo and even though you’re been compared to them how can you actually do better than them in the music industry

Julie : i wouldn’t really want to be compare with anybody because they are in there world and we are in our world, they are doing what they know best and we are doing our own in our best way too

JED : Wow, thats actually really good, i love the fact that you said they’re doing there own work because i believe everybody is unique in there own way, you cant be like everybody actually we aren’t born same day anyway so we have to be different.

I really enjoyed asking you guys questions so before you go there are alot of people watching out for you, a lot of people trying to be like you because you have fan so now will you give a brief advice to people that are looking up to you, that wanna be like you, that wanna J & J Classic as an individual or coming together as a partner in the industry so what advice will you give to them.

The young ones or the Big ones, The mummies and Daddies that are in the house watching us now, that want to like okay fine i have a partner already, let me just do music with them or probably a student or just a normal person that want to go into music and is like okay i cant face these thing alone, i actually need somebody to join me so what advice can you give to them ?

James : well, what i can say is that anybody that want to come to this industry, that want to come along with a partner, should understand your partner very well, that’s the key to always work in one accord, know each other well, have passion for what you’re doing, any other thing should be second but focus and know each other very well

Julie : and have each others back

JED : you have to watch each others back because if you dont do that and the other person fails, the whole team has failed.

I believe by now you guys will know that an hour with J and J Classic on Gbedustreet tv is not a waste of time, you have definitely grab some draw couple of points and quotes to succceed as a Duo because for me i get to know that in other to partner with anybody you feel like going into the music industry with or the person is worth doing business with you guys need to have passion, be your brother’s keeper, remember to flourish and pray too because its the key to every successful

Just like the Wonderful Duo J and J Classic.

You can watch the full video of the full interview below

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