An In depth Review of “GOD ON DUTY” by Gouti on Duty

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Gouti on Duty can no longer be regarded as a green horn as far as the music industry in Nigeria is concerned.

I mean this suave and highly talented dude could be likened to a Phoenix who continues to reinvent and exert himself; creating more finesse and uniqueness to his game.

Here, he releases a full compendium of his masterpieces as a gospel music act with this well documented work of art he christened “God on Duty

God on Duty is a 10 track  Gospel Music Album, released under the auspices of the Proyota Africa Initiative, ably distributed and promoted by Bloom Music Entertainment– a subsidiary of Bloom Entertainment

For all Gospel Music buff, the album is quite complementary and exhaustive to say the least.

Gouti worked with some of the finest acts and producers, and most importantly under the supervision of the Spiritual director of Proyota Africa Initiative– The Reverend Father Alex NwaoputaobieNwaodazie CSsR; whose immense help and support made this collection of sounds a huge success.

Without much ado, let’s dive into the songs and what each track brings to the table.

1. Nara Ekele feat HBC (produced by Raybams):

One of the hottest gospel rendition featuring Gouti and other members of the defunct Holy Blaze Crew that includes- (Gouti (lead vocalist), Annie, Maureen, George, Kennera, Amarachi & Ucheora). This track truly brought down the host of heaven. The pretty backup by George was dope and the refrain ably done by Ucheora; then the hook by the rest of the crew was superb. The track was produced by Raybams.

2. Take it ft Pjay (produced by H Cahsem):

in this track, Gouti hooks up with then label mate and rap aficionado- Pjay nwanne for a duet that rocks. The track explores the unalloyed commitment of Gouti as he beckons the Almighty to Take all the Glory and honor due him. I specifically loved the rap verses laced on this sound by PJ; spitting hot and holy punchlines that are alluring and captivating.

3. Celebrate ft Henry D (Produced by H Cahsem):

Gouti combines his vocal artistry with those of this sublime vocalist and gospel act- Henry D, whose sonorous voice and vocals made this song one helluva combo. Both acts (Gouti & Henry D); truly brought their A game to the fore, subtly making you join them “Celebrate” the wonders and majestic splendour of the Almighty.

4. Ndidi Amaka (Produced by Kasablanca):

Ndidi Amaka is a motivational track that relates with the act of waiting on the Lord to accomplish all your life’s yearnings and aspirations. A superbly composed work with top notch lyrics and well laid rhymes and transition.

5. Chukwu meya feat Kiara (produced by Kasablanka):

Kiara joins the fray to bring more highlight to this compilation with this beautiful collaboration with Gouti in “Meya” (translated thus as “Do it” in English). You could feel the obvious chemistry and pretty sync of both Gouti and Kiara on this song. The hook and transition were collaborative and expertly superlative.

6. Okwa Chukwu ft Pjay (produced by H Cahsem):

Again Gouti links up with Pjay Nwanne in this lyrically tensed track. Okwa Chukwu was and still is the one song that set the precedence for Gouti‘s illustrious career. Okwa Chukwu, an Igbo phrase that means “Na God“, takes you through the labyrinth and phases of the subject till he blazes through the odds to rise above the ordinances and upheavals of life- into the grace of the Almighty, he currently enjoys.

7. I Do (Wedding Day) ft Shontella (Produced by H Cahsem):

A breath taking collaboration that sees Gouti and Shontella bringing the story of love and commitment in this wedding duet. The fast paced song is profoundly suited for weddings. it is so magical while being rendered and it will be proper to say that both Gouti and Shontella did a wonderful job with their sublime vocals and iconic delivery.

8. Who is she? (Produced by Raybams):

Gouti celebrates the immaculate heart and spirit of the blessed virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus whose conception brought salvation to the world. The sombre and low pitched track kinda overwhelms the listener sending you into sober reflection and deep thoughts.

9. Here I am (produced by H Cahsem);

Gouti lines himself up for God’s service as he literally ask the Almighty to put him to good use via his sonorous voice. Propagating the good news to all and sundry for their peace and salvation, Here I am is the song that elaborates more on this!

10. (Bonus Track)- Billion Blessings:

This wonderful cover for Davido‘s hit track- “IF” sends shivers and excitement down your spine whenever Gouti goes on stage to deliver it. I mean he literally took the track from the OBO pointsman and made the song his own.


God on Duty is a complilation that sums up everything about Gouti on Duty which includes- his immense talent, beautiful vocals, lyricism, poetic vibes and artistic mien.

Special thanks to God Almighty for his grace. Then to the producers- H Cahsem, Kasablanka & Raybams.

The Proyota Africa Initiative on whose platform Gouti launched his talent; should also take a large chunk of the vote of thanks (The Reverend Father Alex “Nwaoputaobie” Nwaodazie CSsR), who stood by him through thick and thin should be applauded specially.

The Album is marketed by Lab City records and digitally distributed by our Gbedustreet Media Inc.

All the tracks were written by Gouti on Duty and we daresay that this album God on Duty is indeed a reflection of talent and poise.

From this end we say KUDOS!

Written By chinemere onuekwusi

Chinemere Onuekwusi is just a dude who writes on pretty much every topic that relates to small business, blogging, Music, Films and conscientious issues. He enjoys reading, traveling and he's a helluva technology enthusiast.

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