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by May 20, 2020Star of the Week

Ariana Grande-Butera is a 26 year old American song writer and music mystro.

She is known majorly for her hit songs like “thank you next”, “7 Rings” and “stuck with you”.

She is a top artist despite that she entered into the music industry just less than 5 years ago.

Ariana began by acting as a teen actor in series like “Sam and Cat” on the Nickelodeon channel and also in the iCarly series and others too.

In the year 2010 she stated that she prefers music to acting, she said acting was just fun but music was her major. Ariana had been in the industry one way or the other since she was 8 years.

Ariana started training her voice with Eric Vetro and then in 2013 she released her first studio Album “Yours Truly” and it debuted at no 1 on the Us Billboard charts.

Since then she has been swinging to the top and hasn’t slowed down a bit. It has been one break point to the other.

Ariana became the first Artist to have three of her songs occupy the no.1 and no.2 position on the Billboard hot 100.

During the 61st Annual Grammy awards, Ariana Grande won her first Grammy award for the Album “SWEETNER”.

Ariana Grande is one major successful artist and inspiration to many young rising acts. Although her relationship life hasn’t been all too smooth but oh well, we all have our sides.

She believes that if you are nice to people, good things will happen to you.

Manchester city honored her for supporting them after the bomb blast.
Last year 2019, Forbes named her among the highest paid celebrities.

Here is a video from her top album, Enjoy!

Ariana Grande – 7 Rings

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