Aworan Jesu gets real excited for Jesus in “God Alone”

Aworan Jesu in God Alone

Aworan Jesu is truly one of the gospel music ministers rendering songs that brings God’s glory to his fateful, just like he did in this new gospel sound he titles – God Alone

God Alone is a song that reveals God’s resplendent nature and power in bringing the dividends of his supernatural splendour and blessings to those who revere him. 

The song resumes on an animated tone with the fine stringing of the guitar, followed by nice vocals done in both pidgin English as well as in Yoruba by Aworan Jesu.

One could easily sing and dance alongside the take a bow & emi mimo crooner; and I truly loved the perfect rhythm, sublime transition and beautiful delivery that ensued the whole track.

GOD ALONE was Produced by O.N.O wide entertainment who made a beautiful job with the combo of sounds over the right pitch, not forgetting the rich blend of high life sounds that makes you want to sing as well as dance to the song. 

The song was  written and arranged by Aworan jesu for AJ music

For all gospel music buffs and lovers of God, this track will thrill you on end, while you glow in God’s abundance and prolific grace.

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