Ayodeji Souls in all Praise & Worship as he Praises the “LIVING GOD”

↓Download “LIVING GOD” BY Ayodeji Souls↓

Ayodeji Souls is one fine gospel music aficionado who keep fine-tuning his act with each new release, and like he did in “Ire Jesu“;he drops the vocals for this awesome rendition and he calls this one ” Living God

The song centers on the encompassing and all powerful God, and Ayodeji Souls sings sonorously , with beautiful harmonics and well orchestrated decibels, in a song that he delivers both in English and Yoruba.

I truly loved the intro, especially with the blaring of the clarinet, adding more pep and significance to the song, not forgetting the lyrics, specifically his use of metaphors and beautiful comparisons, descriptive of the power and glory of the almighty God .

The track produced by Showboi, then mixed and mastered by Dyna Mix: with the duo doing a superb work combing clear Afrocentric beats over a rhythm, then blended deep with gospel symphonic that are truly profound and pleasing to the auditory perception of the listener.

Living God is available on all the major international streaming stores and services, and on boomplay music.
Take some time and feel the power of the Almighty by downloading and joining Ayodeji Souls in this life changing performance, as you sing in the chorus :

…”come and see…. Yahweh, Yahweh…. “

↓Download “LIVING GOD” BY Ayodeji Souls↓

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