Ayodex Set his Sights for the “Throne”

by Sep 28, 2018Afro Fusion

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Ayodex is a fast rising Afro-contemporary  Artist, and he drops the vocals for his single and he titles it- “THRONE”; a track where he asserts his regal and vocal authority, especially to those who are trying to steal his vibes.

Throne is a track that resumes conscientiously on a fast mode, with Ayodex taking the cue and doing his thing, resonating almost perfectly with the rhyme, beats, then dropping his vocals with lyrics both in English and Yoruba. I truly loved the simplicity of this track, few wordings though, but has a straight up message which is “you can’t rob me of my shine”.

I specifically loved the infusions Ayodex added to the whole mix, singing and vibrating, sinking deep into the music as well as entertaining the listener too.

The track was produced by Jlazbeat, who regardless of the dearth in lyrics, made sure he dropped beats over some well cooked up rhymes, to complement the effort of Ayodex during the course of his delivery. You could get a feel of normal Naij flavored tone, with some additives like the silent shaku-shaku vibes taking an almost benign spot, albeit effortlessly, but enjoyable.

Throne is a cool effort by Ayodex, and I think he’s got the Afro-beat insignia in him, even as he makes his way to the throne, hear him”

“…I’m killing d beat o!…I’m bringin d heat o! u cannot compete… or take my seat… I;m the king of the throne…”

↓Download “Throne” by Ayodex↓

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