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by Oct 26, 2020Business Talks


Welcome to the beginning of a new week, the last week in the month October.

This year has been exceptional in every way. I would say that business has been both good and bad and as crazy as it may seem, some businesses actually trived in these times.

Most times we look at the possibilities of becoming successful and then learn through different success stories.

We tend to focus more on how they became successful, we look at every successful hit they made, we follow closely on every time they close new deals, break records and more. Today we would be looking at what happens behind the scene.

When learning how to climb mountains, you don’t Learn by noticing how fast or how strong the climber stands on the top, it is very vital that you follow from the mountain base, that is where the secret to climbing is.

There are nights of ceaseless studies and research, there are days of frustrating failed attempts. Those times when everything and resources put in to the career or business only resulted to more frustrations.

The truth is that most times we turn away too quickly and say maybe this isn’t for me. That’s because we only followed the success story not the failed attempts.

Reading an article on world renowned business moguls, I stumbled on the story of Femi Otedola and I was surprised to find out that there was a year he lost billions of naira when his ships sunk in the ocean, totally destroying his products. Again he lost a lot of money when the stocks fell drastically but then some years later he came back bigger and better.

Alakija that everyone talks about, started off by trading on a low level but right now she is a major business woman in Africa with a net worth of billions in Dollars.

Behind that big celebration is a big task and sacrifice paid.

You want to stand out in whatever you do? Do not always have to make the mistakes, learn from your mentors mistakes, search for the bad and rough times, learn how they struggled with it and how they overcame it.

There is always the back side of better. In T.D Jakes teaching he said the backside of better is where success is born. You have to learn to stay on that lane, push till not just something happens, push till success happens.

Look at stories of people like Jeff Bezos, how he lost so much money, how he rose to become the worlds richest man. Its a long episode but we usually skip to the part of being celebrated.

Be patient with your backside process because that’s where you will get the stamina to stand strong. Now let’s conquer the world of business.

This is where we bring this article to an end, as usual, we are the ones who provide you the best of info and entertainment, stay connected to Gbedustreet.


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