Begotten by Danny Moffat

by Oct 25, 2021Gospel

Danny Moffat is a super talented gospel artist making waves with his music. He showcases his talent in this scintillating and profound gospel rendition he calls” Begotten”

Begotten is an Alternative Gospel Hip Hop song and whose inspiration was gotten from Acts of the Apostles chapter seventeen verse 28; which reflects on the Finished works of Christ and the new life of a believer( one who’s saved by the dead, burial and resurrection of Christ Jesus).

I truly loved the soft rhythm and slow-pitch of the song, not forgetting the serenity the sound of the trombone brought to the mix.

Begotten is a song that exhorts the Almighty and espouses the beauty of his works.

The track was Produced by FLA Melody who did a wonderful job with his combination of the most somber and empathetic sounds over a beat so touching and finished with a voice so sonorous like those of Danny Moffat.

Written By chinemere onuekwusi

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