Bet you didn’t know how to connect your Android device to your TV. Here’s how!

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On this article I’m going to enlighten some of us who are yet to explore the abilities and features that comes with having a smart phone.

Did you know you could see exactly everything you are doing on your phone on your TV screen?

One of the coolest aspects of the modern-day Android smartphone is its ability to connect to a TV. This works especially well with a Smart TV, although one isn’t required to complete most of these tips.

In this article I will explain how to stream video, photos, music and more from your Android to your TV.

Here are two main ways to connect your Android phone or tablet to a TV, and what sort of display you’ll get with each option.


Firstly- With an HDMI adapter, you can display your Android screen’s exact contents on the TV.

HDMI is easy to understand: it’s a port that only does one thing.
The drawback is that not all tablets have an HDMI output, and very few phones do.

The good news is that a pair of widely-supported standards have emerged that allow Android owners to connect to external displays using their microUSB port.

This is probably the easiest way to connect an Android device to your TV. 

HDMI cables connect into the back of your television to transfer both audio and video from an external device, like a laptop or gaming console. All you have to do is plug it in. 

Typically, Android devices aren’t compatible with HDMI cables themselves, but HDMI-to-Android adapters exist that allow you to project your Android’s screen the same way you would with a regular HDMI cable. 


You’ll need to know which type of adapter you’ll need based on the charging port of your Android; newer models like the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S10 use a USB-C

input, whereas many other models use a micro-USB connection. 

Once you connect it, your TV will display everything that’s on your Android’s screen.

Secondly- “Casting” refers to streaming via a wireless network. By connecting your TV and Android mobile device to the same Wi-Fi network, you should be able to stream content from apps like YouTube or Netflix. 

Apps that allow you to cast won’t show your Android’s exact screen on the TV. They’ll instead show videos and photos in a format that better fits the size and shape of the TV.

Plenty of third-party apps are available which let you connect your Android to your TV using Wi-Fi. Try out different apps to see which one you like best.

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