Between Tacha and Mercy Eke, who is a stronger brand? [celebrity hangout]

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Hello there, how has the week started off for you? There has been some feel of joy in the western parts of Nigeria as the ban on churches gathering has been lifted.

Although some persons are saying that they won’t resume church but anyways there is this very important question that is really something to look at. We all know that currently there is the ongoing big brother Naija reality show going on and there are new brands emerging from almost every house mate.

From the previous set of house mates, the most trending and popular housemates turned out to be  Mercy and Tacha. These two ladies have been hitting at the market and one can almost say that Tacha won the hearts of many BBnaija fans.


Tacha was actually evicted from the house but somehow she has been able to grow a very strong fan base for her brand. She recently got signed as the brand ambassador for top leading telecommunication phone OPPO.

Anita Natacha Akide is her real  name but then everyone knows her as Tacha or symply tacha. She is currently worth over $500,000 and is a big time influencer on instagram.  She is a popular Nigerian Instagram star, vlogger, businesswoman, makeup artist, and one of the most controversial Big Brother Naija housemates on the internet.

In a recent tweet, Nigerian music star TIWA SAVAGE posted a caption which said “ I have mad love for tacha and her fans” Tacha has somehow grown from being just an ex housemate in the big brother naija show to being a very popular celebrity and unlike some other ex housemates, her name just cant seem to fade off the mind of the people.


Mercy was actually a video vixen and business woman in Lagos state before she got into the big brother house in the pepper dem season last year. After she won the competition she became a very big brand and has gone on to sign big deals but then her fan base isn’t really rocking like that of Tacha.

In a recent post she complained about her fans, During a live session on her Instagram page, the reality TV star complained about how American celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Kylie Jenner have armies of devoted fans willing to go all out for them.

Wondering why her fans don’t give her same type of support, Mercy Eke gave an example of Kylie Jenner’s skincare products that get sold out so quickly despite claims that they do not work. 

With a networth of about $300,000 she surely is a big girl and her age is higher than that of Tacha’s as she was born in 1993 and Tacha was born in 1995.

She has also won the prestigious viewers choice on Africa Magic for  “best dressed female celebrity”. Mercy is also the first woman to win the big brother naija reality show.

Amongst these beautiful ladies, which one of them do you think is a stronger brand, kindly  comment in the comments section below and then you can also follow us on our social media handles @ gbedustreet even on  YouTube @ gbedustreeet. Stay connected to gbedustreet, we got you covered with the best and best of entertainment.


Written By Ultimate Akpenyi

Ultimate Akpenyi is a passionate writer and a music artist. Born into a family of six, he loves controversial issues and also celebrates every kind of success. Keen in speaking about people and showcasing behind the scene lives of celebrities, we should be on the look out for him

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