Bez LuckDNA Hustles tight for the “Money” feat Kairo

by Dec 22, 2018Afro RnB, Alternative

bezluck feat kairo in money

Bezluck is truly one profound vocalist with one of the sweetest voices I’ve heard in a while, and he brings this sonorous voice to the fore in this sizzling and banging duet he titles just- MONEY and features fellow vocalist Kairo, whose vocal input gave the song some sophistication.

One thing I truly loved about the song is the slow premise on which the song resumes on, and stays that way during the entire rendition.

Bezluck and Kairo espoused some rather infectious chemistry with the latter giving the former some in-depth backup. Again the beautiful wordplay and flow, made the tune quite enjoyable and deeply reflective.

The track was produced by XRAY, a producer who understands sound transition and combination. I felt lifted and subtly lived in the moment considering the awesomeness the tune exuded. Beautiful pitch, steady and slow beat, and wonderful harmonics, so sensually arousing.

Bezluck is a dude who has his eyes set to get more greenbacks, and with the theme of the song being “MONEY”, I see him taking over the alternative/RnB space in a short-while.

I urge y’all lovers of slow and soft music to go feel this beautiful sound compilation eve as you vibrate along with the duo of Bezluck & Kairo.

“…money eh! go get money…go get money my nig**z, go get d money my brethren…

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