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Alot of new acts emerge daily from different parts of the world, ranging from all kinds of genres of music including rap. Currently S.A (South Africa) has the leading number on new Rap artists.

There seem to be less audience than artists and performers. Yes everybody can do something even though they know the talent isn’t really there.

In Nigeria alone,we have a minimum of 100+ artists coming up every year, some come with new ideas, others follow up on the trending music pattern.

Now you have something the world must hear, you have big dreams and you want the world to hear bout how big you can bring it to their tables.
Read this carefully!

There are a few mistakes that every other Artists make in the industry that you shouldn’t and today I bring you some of them.

The major mistake with upcoming artists is that they let their big dreams over rule their lifestyle. Yes you want to be the next Jay Z, the next WIZKID or TIWA SAVAGE and then the little money you should use on working on yourself goes into trying to live big.

Beautiful young woman with afro hair in summer themes. Made in Barcelona with model from Venezuela.

Designer wears and classy babes. Hmmm brother, calm down oh. Aunty, you are not yet Yemi Alade, spending all your finances on living large will not give you the right platforms, it would rather drain you or push you into craziness.

It’s true your looks speak alot about you and first impressions matter alot, wanna know a big secret? EXPENSIVE LOOKS ON AN UPCOMING ARTIST ONLY GIVES THE IMPRESSION OF YOU HAVING THE CAPACITY TO FINANCE YOUR CAREER and the truth is that even big Artist need sponsors.

you might not understand until you come before various record deals, then you understand that looking rich isn’t what will give you the right sponsors as an upcoming Artist.

It gets worse when you look rich and spend big when in reality you can’t finance a promotional budget of #500,000 naira.
NF the UK rapper only comes up with a simple dress swag and yet his videos are getting high streams and he’s getting more sponsors and promoters on his way. He has over 20 songs that have been streamed over 1 million times on music stores worldwide.

It’s true that our female Artist always have to come with the sexy body and style but Teni makanaki made over 1 million views on her video “Case” without showing off her body, anyways what’s there to show… lol… don’t get me wrong, Teni is a beautiful lady with big properties, if you know what I mean winks you can see that in her POWER RANGERS video but then the truth is that she came out with something entirely different.

Today we all talk about REMA the young kid from Naija but when he started out he came up with a simple swag, same with Mr Eazi.
When you get rich you can wear all the designers but don’t focus on living large at the expense of your music Budget.

Upcoming Artists are so fond of recording new songs almost every month or two but they don’t properly promote their songs. Every time you speak with upcoming artists they tell you about the new track they want to record, they might even give you a short freestyle and yes the song is dope but what Happened to the other one they recorded? Nobody knows about it yet!

Some Artist just do mini promotions that would only get their songs online and they share a few links and that’s all.
You need very good promotions, have a budget that would cost you and you need to make sure you are putting your money where your mouth is… (this would be in the next tip).

Promotions are what makes you a star, recording without promotion is like a Ferrari without Tyres. so you see no matter how good your songs are, promotion is what gives it wheels to take it to the right places. Here at Gbedustreet we can promote your songs with our various promotional plans which are also affordable to help upcoming artists, see our contacts below the article

Artist usually tend to have this mind set of “I’m the singer or composer, what do you want to tell me?”
An Artist that can’t accept reviews and critics would fall from wherever he or she climbs to.
If you want to grow as an entertainer you should be open to comments and critics, know which of your songs really pull audience and focus on that for as long as you can, while you introduce new styles you can deliver as you test the markets response to the new tune.

It’s the market that will buy and stream your music not you, so when they don’t really enjoy a kind of sound you bring, do well to switch.
Small Doctor remains a Star in the streets because he knows what gives him and his audience a great day. One reason why many artists rose and fell was because somehow along the line they thought they had gotten big enough to choose for their Audience.

Listen to new sounds that are trending, watch new hot videos, get music analysis and know what you can come with. This is the big secret WIZKID and Rema use in remaining constant at the top.

I have seen upcoming artist choose to use their girlfriends as a video vixen when in reality she doesn’t possess the skills required for such.

Some have preferred for their uncle or friend to manage or promote their careers when the said relative doesn’t really have what it takes, the platform and connections needed.

WIZKID had to leave Empire mates Entertainment because his career had grown to a stage where he needed a better promotional platform.
Skales actually saw that too but it was after a long time and then he got signed to baseline records.

Make sure you get the right people for your career because just one wrong part of the equation can ruin everything for you.

This includes your style, sound and stage performance.
As an artist that wants to grow, you should be ready to work on your talent. Talent is like a knife, the sharper the better. Rehearse alot, its painful that some artist don’t even know what it means to rehearse. Take out time to rehears and watch your performance skill.

Build your personality and confidence because when you get some big chances, you might flop. Not because you are new to doing your thing but lack of self confidence can ruin some moments and opportunities for you. Dress good according to your budget, you can come out looking simple and yet throw the crowd over with your skills and music. Its not till you look exactly like Burna boy before the crowd would love you.

Perform with confidence, own the stage…. (this would be posted soon stay connected) , Use the stage and maximize your space, interact with your audience.
Work on your voice too, it mustn’t always be about miming on stage, sometimes thrill the audience with some raw talent.
Work on yourself properly.

Pretty Young Woman Playing Music At Home

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