Billy Neo all Afro Beat in “Ghetto Story”

by Jul 26, 2018Afro Fusion

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Billy Neo brings back Afro-beatone of the most underrated genre of afro-sounds, one ably pioneered by the late ebami eda (Fela), and he does so quite beautifully in this hot afro inspired rendition he calls – GHETTO STORY, a song that captures the true struggle of climbing through the rungs, fighting poverty and strife to finally make it big in whatever endeavor one choses.

Ghetto Story is a song filled with inspiration, it gives you the vivid picture of what the life in the streets are, especially in a society where self aggrandizement regardless of the source happens to be the norm. Billy Neo displays his vocal strength and ability as he employs well layered lyrics, delivered poetically, albeit truthfully yet sensual and soothing to the sensibilities of the listener. I especially loved the manner he enlivened the whole song with his flow, and in the process reawakening the consciousness of every street hustler.

The track was Produced by Cheesberry, then mixed and mastered by Hefty Drumz, with the duo bringing their creative geniuses to the fore as can be noticed in the clean, cut sounds that quietly razed through the track. I felt the pretty tap of the drum, not forgetting the calm disposition of the clarinet and of course the Saxophone in a combo of symphonic compilation that is top notch, specifically for all lovers of this genre.

Billy Neo is one bold act who kinda redefines this musical style with his inclination to the use of afro-pop sounds, tempo and pitch- creating a song that if well promoted could become a future classic that will dominate the consciousness of many who listens through this beautiful musical expression.

Again,  I urge every lover of this kind of music and true fan of the Ebami Eda, to go download, share and love this track that permeates through, and sing along with your boy Billy Neo:

“story story o! … my papa tell me say before I chop I got to work….”

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