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Luba Jane is an Artist, Singer, Musician ,Author, Composer. She  was born on january 4 in Democratic Republic of the Congo in Kamina to a Congo princess mother and a Belgian father. She arrived at the age of 7 in.Belgium in Chimay. She grew up with a pastor with his wife, both were musicians.,She sang in the protestant church. At the age of 9 she went alone to study music theory for 5 years and started  piano lessons for 1year  at THE SCHOOL OF THE MUSIC in CHIMAY.
A few years later she changes town and settles in LIEGE She starts again  music theory and piano lessons at THE ACADEMY OF GRETRY for 3 years. She learned jazz and classical music . The city of LIEGE which will  be the start of his musical career.
Luba Jane first captured the public eye as back vocalist of Reggae with Mr Jones Ghanaian artist, Deep cultcha  and  the famous JAMAICAN OMAR PERRY, son of the legendary artist LEE SCRATCH PERRY , first producer of BOB MARLEY.

 She later established a SOLO CAREER with a mini self-production album in reggae in 2009 THE CRIES OF PEOPLE. with the talented Belgian Paul d ,Artet ,  YOUTH Congolese artist, the guitarist VOLVO of the  legentary Congolese band ZAIKO LANGUA LANGUA  and the talented Jamaican artist KIRK SERVICE musician of Lee Perry.
SHE SANG  in London in.Berlin ,in Brussels and Liege.
MUSICALLY Luba Jane ,she experimented Jazz, Reggae ,R &B , Trap music, Afrobeat , and Biodiversirty’
HER INFLUENCES Bob Marley , Billie  Holliday Nina Simone  and Lauryn Hill . BREL
HER STYLE .,………..

RECENTLY I  worked with the Nigerian artist producer BROWN WAYNE and the Zambian artist producer BWINDE INTL -DA-PRODUCER.
Her songs are in progress.. The first collaboration will be with the Nigerian artist LYRICKAL FREEMAN  and produced by the talented Nigerian artist producer ,EMZREEL with the new hit BEAUTIFUL LOVE.

Written By Dare Frost

Dare Alade also known as Frost a Passionate Editor, Blogger. needless to say much, I hope you find me interesting.

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