Bolu Emmanuel makes his Gospel Hop Debut in “Number 1 Lover”

by Sep 21, 2018Afro pop, Gospel

↓Download “Number one Lover” by Bolu Emmanuel↔

Bolu Emmanuel is a young indigenous rapper blazing the trail in the gospel Hop genre of the industry; and he makes his debut with this banging new single he titles- “Number 1 Lover“;a gospel rendition that seeks to praise the Almighty for his dominion and grace over his people.

The track resumes over a soft yet superb tempo that let’s you on and serves you the message and essence of the song without losing traction and most importantly purpose.
I specifically loved the steady beats, well blended with the top notch lyrics and awesome vocals prominently enlisted by Bolu Emmanuel to the delight of the listener.

Bolu Emmanuel, I daresay made some remarkable entry, one not reminiscent of a rookie, especially with his well laid out poetic verses, nice hook and the right pitch he employed to martial out his lyrics and sonorous vocals, albeit steady but slow to the amazement of the listener.

The track was produced by Virgin Berry, then mixed and mastered by Skerzbeats: and some kudos goes to these guys for employing the right sounds and beats to give the track some pretty cool harmonics,one that makes the song swing both as a contemporary Afro hop tune as well as a gospel piece that rocks.

Bolu Emmanuel has proved that he’s got the heat and the talent to rise through the rungs and make his impact felt in the coming years in the industry, not just as a rapper, but also as a vocalist.
Number 1 Lover is a track worth listening to, and I urge y’all fans of this genre to feel this hot tune by downloading and sharing it, and trust me you’ll be glad you did.

↓Download “Number one Lover” by Bolu Emmanuel↔

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