Boss T drops Vocals for Double Bangers- “Nana I & II” feat Y.Son & Chizzy Boch

by Oct 4, 2018Afro pop, Conscious Music

Boss T is one helluva hardworker and has a penchant for stretching himself beyond the normal limits; this Holla crooner decides to bring in something fresh and novel by dropping Nana I & Nana II; two songs with similar theme, but varied tone and harmonics. He features fellow vocalists and rapper- Y.Son & Chizzy Boch, on both tracks, in a duet that kinda singles out this trio as a bit controversial, especially with their choice of doing same track and varying it.


Download “Nana I” by Boss T feat Y.Son

This is a track that resumes on a soft and slow tempo and stays so in the entire duration of the song. It tells a story of love and commitment, especially as Boss T and Y.Son takes you through the vocal labyrinth, one compelling, albeit simple and straight. Just simple and generic lyrics, dropped slowly and conscientiously. You can feel the hook:

“…na my nana, dem go de play wit my nana…tell her say I luv..say na she by ma niggur…. baby u know i luv u…


↓Download “Nana II” By Boss T feat Chizzy Boch↓

This version is slightly different from the first track, but similar in every regard to the latter in terms of composition and beats. This version assumes a more profound lyrical note, a little bit of deviation, less hook but altogether complementary of the first. He features a separate Artiste this time in the person of Shaku Shaku” crooner- Chizzy Boch, in a track that had a little highlife and afro pop embedded in it.


Both tracks were produced by T.S who did a fine job blending similar tracks and differentiating same. I noticed one thing about both songs. The first one was more of street infusions, while the second version was a bit more conscious.

Boss T did a pretty nice job working with both Y.Son Chizzy Boch on both tracks, so I encourage y’all to go feel both Nanas and get a bit of the Akwaaba flava cascading sensually down your system as you scream in ecstasy for more!

↓Download “Nana I” by Boss T feat Y.Son↓

↓Download “Nana II” By Boss T feat Chizzy Boch↓

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