Boss T Seeks for more Blessings in “EGO (Money)”

by Dec 13, 2018Afro RnB, Alternative

Boss T remains one helluva hardworker and always busting the mic time and again; he drops yet another banging solo for all lovers of Afro pop rhymes and he calls this one- Ego

Ego which translates thus as money in Igbo Language;  is a song that kinda shows the innate vocal strength Boss T boasts of. Here he sings profoundly, seeking for the blessings that comes with true hustle and commitment.

I truly loved the slow and steady premise the song resumes on, with Boss T singing sonorously, eliciting some rather strong and empathetic emotions; especially as he brings the theme of the song to perspective.

The track was produced by T.S who made a beautiful combination of both the pon-pon sound enmeshed in slow afro centric harmonics, with the superb sound of the flute blaring sweetly to complement the whole rendition.

Once again just like he did in Suya, Mama, Cooperate and more; Boss T  showcases his power singing skills, with lyrics so tight, subtly putting you in the mood for both slow dancing and living in the beautiful moment the song is built in.


…seeking for more blessing, ego..shey money na ego…baba God yem Ego…

Written By chinemere onuekwusi

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