Boy Cyril in a combo of Beats and Rhythm in “Bia”

by Aug 30, 2018Afro Fusion, Afro pop

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Boy Cyril is an artiste who loves experimenting with novel sounds and brings a fusion of Afro fusion, a little high life and Afro beats into focus as he engages his fans in this fast tempo tune he titles –Bia, a track that showcases this act to the world and this genre he professes and takes a straight to the point approach than his work in – Bella

Bia is an Igbo phrase which translates thus as ‘come’ in English: sees our boy Boy Cyril being quite economic with his lyrics – and drop few lines and bars in this track with quick wits and animated gusto.

The track was produced by Kenny Brown whose hot mix of both western and oriental beats gives this song some uniqueness albeit concise. I loved the perfect usage of the guitar tunes stringed harmoniously to the excitement of the listener.

BIA is a not so bad an effort but we hope to see better works by Boy Cyril whose talent in music is never in doubt, in the future.  I bet it won’t be a bad idea to go download and feel this hot new sound from this stables of CMW.

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