Burna Boy no more a boy! (Star of the week)

by Jul 1, 2020Star of the Week


Hello there, welcome to another thrilling episode of our weekly Stars. Befor i bring you todays matter, how you dey, happy new month.

Ehen, so some artists had a rough patch of this year since the beginning while others have been making major hits on almost every platform.

One of these artists is the prestigious naija new generation FELA; Burna boy.

Burna boy started out with the good, fresh kid swag. You know that flirty gentleman thing and then his first hit singles were drawing alot of ladies to him.

Songs like “Tonight” brought that mr romantic style from him and then he came up with one major bang “Check and balance” and that was the turning point for him.

Since then, cool boy Burna went further into the streets. Seems like his team saw that this rough street style was giving him the leads in the market and then he just stuck to it.

There have been some issues on how much Burna could give and yet he still kept coming with new vibes stronger and stronger.

In 2013 South south music awards best pop “like to party” awarded him a big award.

In the year 2019 he went on to be nominated for the world prestigious and much coveted Grammy awards.

Although he lost the award to Africa music mystro “Angelique Kidjo” he still gained more international presence with songs like “Ye”, “On a low” and “Anybody”.

Burna boy has gone from being just an Africa gaint to a worldwide Star. Many of his fans can go any length to see that his name keeps floating, especially gangs on the street who love his vibes.

Burna boy has made it big on many online music stores especially Spotify and Apple music. He recently won the BET for the third consecutive time and we are sure he’s got alot more fire coming through.

Although some argue that he isnt really that big, Burna Boy keeps winning and dominating major scenes as he performed in the one world together at home special this past April.

It is no news that his girlfriend is American singer and rapper “Stefflon dion”.

For real Burna Boy should probably be “Burna Man”. Thats it for now, i am sure you know the rest.

Enjoy most of his hits in our midweek playlist this week. See link below.

This is Gbedustreet, we got you covered and we got you entertained.


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