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I sure do hope that you enjoyed the previous part of this article. We talked about what it means to burn bridges and what kind of bridges shouldn’t be burnt. Follow this link to read BURNING BRIDGES

Okay lets get to the business of today. We would be talking about bridges that should or can be burnt. Now understand that these bridges are those relationships that would only end up hurting you or your future. Yes there are some relationships that are rather toxic to one side. These kinds of relationships would only hurt you the more with every time you try to manage the relationship.

A girl once complained about her friends and how she wasn’t comfortable with the kind of lifestyle they lived, problem was that she was having a hard time dislodging from them because their relationship dates back to when they were in primary school so they are now like family. There you have it, most times we can see that this relationship would rather hurt us but then when we say we want to walk away from the relationship, we start having emotional issues and we can no longer move on.

You might be in a love relationship and you see that this relationship has made you cry so many times that you have forgotten how much times you had a reason to smile from this relationship. Worst is that when you talk to some of these lovers, they would say “when we get married, she/he would change”. This is why we have too many violence in marriages. Obviously you can see that this person doesn’t flow with your vibes.

Some bridges should be burnt before they burn you. When you are seeing that this thing isn’t working and you still choose to stay in them, maybe because of some past favors or benefits you might have gotten from this person. Most times we trade opportunities for wrong relationships, we trade our peace for some certain persons, maybe you are trying to be pleasing or good but then the truth is that if you don’t set priorities and boundaries to how people affect your life, you would end up living your life energies for wrong reasons and persons.

Above all this, be careful of how you deal with people in general and understand that as much as you might not want to offend people, everyone cannot be in good terms with you. What matters is having the right persons in your life. Also be slow to making drastic decisions, especially when it comes to building and ending relationships. By Gods grace may we not make costly mistakes.

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