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Hello there wonderful reader, I trust that you have been managing to keep your head up despite how the economy of our lovely country has been. Truth is that no matter how much we complain, things might never change till we take a step to make a change.

Okay, so today we would be discussing a very striking matter that has built and also broke many lives and visions, especially in our generation; BURNING BRIGDES.

It has become very common that people would say “motivational speakers, avoid me”. This is actually based on how some quotes or words taken by the naïve mind had ruined some relationships and lives. I don’t know how to say this but then “the truth is a bridge that is not needed today would be needed tomorrow”. At the same time, some bridges might actually have to be burnt to avoid the reoccurrence of some sad or rather stinging past events.

The margin lies between knowing the right bridge to burn and even knowing that the bridge burnt would almost never be rebuilt, this would actually help us to be very careful on these decisions. Just in case you don’t understand what it means to burn bridges; let me speed you up a bit.

Burning bridges actually means cutting off relationships, connections, breaking out of groups and more. So now you know what it entails let’s get down to business.

In a discussion with some men, I asked when was the right time for one to actually know when to cut off a relationship and they answered in divers’ parables but I learnt something, which I am going to share with you, just stay with me.

I once had a meeting with a movie company boss and we needed to get some certain locations for our shoot so we bought some gifts to present before the owners of the properties and one of the board members said “after presenting these gifts, if the person says no, we would take back our gifts” funny right? We laughed over it but then we concluded that even if we are denied access today, we might still need that person sometime later in the future and the manner of which we deal with this rejection would surely affect the persons respond next time.

What am I driving at? I discovered that we are usually quick to concluding that something or someone isn’t useful maybe because we couldn’t get what we wanted from the person or whatever. Even when we don’t seem to see the good in it or the person now, it is wise to always take some time into thinking or even keeping that aside and moving on but not totally discarding the person or thing.

I remember a certain time in Nigeria when there was a sort of demand for this old grandfather’s clock and then some people actually went back to the village and grandparents they abandoned just because this item could bring some real good money. Life’s crazy right?

You could be in a relationship and feel like it’s of no use hence it isn’t yielding any positive result at the moment and then you want to burn your bridges. Now when I say relationship it doesn’t stop with the emotional kind of relationship, this applies to every kind of relationship.

What if you just choose to step out when it was about to get better? I know so many people are swift to blocking numbers, deleting contacts and more just because they feel these numbers or contacts are just occupying space and then this person wants to kick start a vision and starts looking for people, sir/ma you just deleted those that mattered.

In a business seminar, the host asked every one of us “how many contacts do you have”? some looked at their phones and said 100, some said 500 and then so many different numbers but one guy said he had 2000 and wow, we were shocked and the host said “your first prospective clients and audience are your contacts, the least number of contacts a serious business minded person should have is 4000” you might wonder how that is possible, come online on Mondays to enjoy our business articles.

Oh well this is where I would stop for now, the second part which talks about bridges to be burnt would be live by Friday this week, so stay connected to Gbedustreet for more wonderful articles and playlist this week also feel free to comment your ideals, thoughts and experiences concerning this matter of burning bridges in the comments section below. Do have a blessed week/weekend.


Written By Ultimate Akpenyi

Ultimate Akpenyi is a passionate writer and a music artist. Born into a family of six, he loves controversial issues and also celebrates every kind of success. Keen in speaking about people and showcasing behind the scene lives of celebrities, we should be on the look out for him

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