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Time out with Tega Exclusive on Gbedustreet TV interview with DJ Teader

On Time out with Tega, we host a fast uprising act who came on to the platform through our social media fanpage, today you guys should help me welcome DJ Teader.

Tega : Hello DJ Teader

DJ Teader : Hi, Good afternoon

Tega : How are you doing ?

DJ Teader : I’m Fine

Tega : I like your glasses (you’ll dash me)

DJ Teader : Thank you son much (may be later) “giggles”

Time out with Tega Exclusive on Gbedustreet TV

Tega : so let’s meet DJ Teader, your real name and everything

DJ Teader : Ok uhhmm my real name is Adedeji Adedayo, i’m a yoruba guy from ogun state, and DJ Teader is just a short form of what i have engaged in or what i have done so far, so it’s just like an abbreviation.
So i started Deejay work like few years and ehhmm you know, it’s just like that thou so

Tega : What did you do generally ?

DJ Teader : uhhmm, i’m an educationist, but i see entertainment as something i love doing so, i do music and i do my things too, so i put everything together too

Tega : If you have not been a DJ, what other thing do you think you can venture in to

DJ Teader : Purely entertainment, because i sing also, so as Deejay i sing and am an engineer let me say, a computer engineer i repair system i sell do all those things too, but mainly my main focus is in entertainment, so that’s what i do

DJ Teader

Finally to the full conversation “Challenges of Upcoming artiste

Tega : so today we talk about Challenges of Upcoming artiste, so what have been your challenge so far, what are the challenges you’ve experienced so far

DJ Teader : I started music for like 8 to 10 years now, but officially i started doing music 4 years back, so i face a lot of challenge back then so uhmmm, one major challenge i faced was, am a good artiste i know myself and people around me also know that, so we don’t have a platform to showcase ourselves better because many in nigeria now, its entertainment that everybody is looking into and not just looking into entertainment if it’s passion, then you’ll surely deliver good thing so i’ve been into it for a while now, there are no platform for me to “you know” express myself better, showcase myself than to just go to the studio then record one or two things, or do my mixtapes then put it on social media, from there we push ourselves but we dont have these platform whereby we can sell ourselves so that people can know us better than these

Tega Exclusive on Gbedustreet TV interview with DJ Teader

Tega : alright, that’s fine so did you think been a Deejay, will give you the luxury lifestyle you want ?

DJ Teader : The kind of music i do when i was purely an artiste, they’re not the kind of sound that i like but when i switched to the Deejay aspect then i can just take one of my jam, then do one or two things on it then put it there and it will be quiet ok and better.

Tega : You didn’t answer my question, i said do you think been a Deejay will give you the kinda luxury life you aspire ?

DJ Teader : Yes of course, yes because uhhmm looking at the industry now you can see many DJs too doing music and everything like that, they feature them at times and them too you know collaboration and everything, so for me the Deejay aspect of it is like a boom for me, its just like me adding salt into or adding spice into the


Tega : so you feel the DJ gives you an edge as an artiste, because you get to produce your own sound and then sing to it thats nice, so do you have any celebrity Deejay you mentioned DJs in the industry so do you have any celebrity DJs who you look up to ?

DJ Teader : uhhmm, yes i do, i wont say celebrity for now but i’ll do also, the celebrity aspect i’m looking into DJ Spinall, DJ Kaywise you know those two guys i love them so much, then looking at the kind of music i do currently i do afro house so i prefer DJ Maphorisa and Uhuru in South africa.

Gbedustreet TV interview with DJ Teader

Tega : Maphorisa alright so you are going to be giving a shout out to everybody you love and also to Gbedustreet TV so.

Dj Teader : Its your main man DJ Teader i’m right in Gbedustreet TV, you know Gbedustreet TV keep it up, you guys are hot, thank you so much, DJ Teader Loud It

Tega finally giving us a piece of advice on how to move as artiste in the midst of obstacles

You’ve heard DJ Teader’s opinion and his challenges he faced and it also related to things i said already, so if you’re an upcoming act dont give up because all those challenges will surely pass just keep working hard don’t feel you can’t do it, just believe in yourself for financial instability, don’t worry God will provide then for career imbalance, just make out time, work with your schedule and get to see how you work with it then you balance it up then for parental disagreement and the rest of them just dont worry just let the challenges be, they’ll surely pass look at the likes of wizkid, uhmm patoranking, so many of them faces challenges but look at where they are now so stay tune for more exciting episode of Time Out with Tega.


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