Chencheroh Raises Some Salient Points in “Question”

by Jul 23, 2018Conscious Music

↓Download “Question” by Chencheroh↓

Chencheroh is still one of the few Artistes using their art to speak words of truth and wisdom in time of great tribulation, especially over issues of National concern and he does so in this conscious track he titles – Question

Question is a track with profound lyrics, littered with conscious words that captures the current strife and ills bedeviling Nigeria, you could see the in-depth analyses of these problems and hopelessness of the situation while listening to him (Chencheroh), deliver the message albeit sublimely to the chagrin of his listeners.

Chencheroh makes the most perfect transitions, employing the right pitch and driving home his message, hear him:

“Nigeria my country, land of culture and heritage… where do we go from here…politicians looting our money..”

This is a song that tells a story of what the nation has been reduced to and I believe our politicians needs to listen to this track and maybe after they do, they could fix their lives and ours as well. This song assumes a rather soft tempo but with well arranged lyrics and perfect message that sinks deep into the consciousness of the listener.

Question was produced by MR YANKEE who did a nice job making a combo of beats and wonderful harmonics, as evident with the constant stringing of the guitar, ably supported by the saxophone fused with cool vocals that makes the song one prepped for dancing in addition to vibrating, without losing sight of the message it parses.

Wonderful solo effort from Chencheroh, and I urge y’all to give this song some listening by downloading, gyrating and understanding the message it foretells!

↓Download “Question” by Chencheroh↓

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