Chizzy Boch back for the streets in “Collabo” feat Yson X Bass

by Jan 29, 2019Shaku-Shaku

ChizzyBoch after the release of his single Shaku Shaku, decides to pop another one of this trending genre in this new track he titles – Collabo, and brings two shaku shaku exponents,  Yson & Bass on this journey, as the trio brings a party styled track to the joy of lovers of this kinda music.

The track resumes on a the normal tempo with Chizzy Boch jumping on the track with the chorus of the song, then Yson takes the cue and handing it to Bass, who in turn drops it like its hot, before ChizzyBoch retrieves the lyrical baton, with the three entertaining their fans with the vocals, lyrics and vibes of their song. 

The track was produced by TS, who employed the normal beats signatory of the shaku shaku movement, to bring to live the rudimentary beats of this hot tune. 

Chizzy BochYson & Bass did a cool job; the track albeit lyrically bland- but the beats and rhythm complemented the song.

I daresay that this song deserves to be added to your playlist if you are a lover of the shaku shaku revolution!

Written By chinemere onuekwusi

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