Chizzy Boch Bust the Mic in new Trend “Shaku Shaku”

by Sep 29, 2018Shaku-Shaku

↓Download “Shaku Shaku” by Chizzy Boch↓

Chizzy Boch is an Indigenous Afro Pop Artiste blazing the trail in the industry, and he’s doing so with so much gusto and pep, as evidenced in this hot buzzing single, and he prefers to title it after the latest trend in town- “Shaku Shaku”

The track resumes expectedly on a racy and fast paced tone and stays so in the course of this rendition, you could also feel the intensity of the tirade of sounds that follows. I specifically loved the intro, though lyrically light, the track carried some brief and generic infusions, but it kinda keeps you nodding your head, then subtly drives you to the dance floor for some foxtrot.

Shaku Shaku was produced by Prodigy Beats & TS, who did a nice job keeping the originality of the trend as the name suggests, then introducing some form of novelty to the whole mix; I also loved the steady flow that characterized this rendition. Not forgetting the vocals Chizzy Boch enlisted, a little bit of the trend and of course some sort of afro beat, to complement the song.

Chizzy Boch, with this track, I believe has brought in some uniqueness to the whole “Shaku Shaku” movement, and if he stays true to the game, I believe he could even covet the crown from the top kings dominating this genre in a short while from now.

I urge y’all fans of the this latest craze to go feel this piece of musical expression by downloading and of course sharing it with not just friends & family, but foes as well. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did!

↓Download “Shaku Shaku” by Chizzy Boch↓

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