Chizzy Boch Follows up his “Shaku Shaku” Audio With Banging Video

by Nov 2, 2018Music Videos

Chizzy Boch after the release of the audio for his sizzling single- “Shaku Shaku” ; he follows it up with this video depicting so much heat, swag & animated curiosity (whatever that means?); Living to the expected billings many believed the visuals should be.

In this 4 minutes 5 seconds video, Chizzy Boch takes you through the beautiful vocal and lyrical labyrinth, with some of his close buds and cronies showing off their street cred and uninhibited dancing abilities, especially as they bring to fore the beauty of the Shaku Shaku craze & Revolution all in one vid, filled with some high level of octane, hotness, entertainment and realness.

Just follow the link ⇑above and get you freak on!

Written By chinemere onuekwusi

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