Crown King Lits Up the Scenes in “Blossom”

by Mar 2, 2019Naija hip hop

Crown King is one helluva lyricist making waves with his brand of hardcore Hip Hop, and does so in this banging and chart topping single he brands- “BLOSSOM”

Blossom is a track where he highlights the struggle associated with being underground and eventually staking your crown amongst fellow lyrical kings in the Biz. The track assumes its beats, theme and candor from Big Sean’s 2015 monster hit- Blessings.

The track was produced by Zidicy, who mastered the song as well, he did well blending the rhyme, tone and pitch in this asymmetrical rap rendition, one that tells the story of this future rap icon’s path to glory.

… you can feel some of his poetic vibes in the following lines…

…you knah wah I mean when I talk about Blossom I mean business…I need to be the next rated either by hook crook I knah it will come to pass…

Crown King brought some new delivery skill to the fore as he flows unabatedly, fast and somewhat furious in this track that’s be overly loved by lovers of hardcore, undiluted and uncensored rap, he made some icing with the hook with his screams of:

blossom blossom blossom…. blossom

blossom blossom blossom…. blossom

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