Crystal Drops Rhymes in “AUTOMATIC” feat Maureo & Empreezy

by Jul 14, 2018Naija hip hop

↓Download “Automatic” by Crystal feat Maureo & Empreezy↓

Crystal is a hip hop head whose got the flows and makes it crystal clear in this retinue of lyrics he drops subtly like a nursery rhyme with a poetic twist and he calls this one –“Automatic” and carries other hip hop heavy weights like Maureo and Empreezy along on this journey of rap verses soaked in dopeness.

Automatic is a song that resumes on a clear cut tempo, soft in every sense with a pitch that elevates as the song progresses. I truly loved the combo of the melody and the nursery-rhyme like vocals that was parsed as chorus. One other thing that gives this song some edge is the bold entrance by the duo of Maureo and Empreezy, where both lyricists dropped their lines in perfect sync and symphony of the tunes without getting off track.

The track was produced by Crystal himself who made a rather beautiful work in the intro, with lovely beats and vibratory and rhythmic flow that kinda assuages the sensuality of the listener giving you this calm and soothing feeling albeit in a manner that sounds quite poetic and exhilarating at the same time.

Automatic is a track one too many that redefines Naija hip hop giving it a novel view especially across the globe, and the trio of Crystal, Maureo and Empreezy all brought their A-games to the fore. I urge y’all hip hop buffs to go download and enjoy this wonderful piece of rap rendition!

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  1. Maureo

    Best Rhymes and intriguing story about the Hit Song Automatic.

    Life’s automatic.


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