Dansalazar makes his Plea for Affluence in “All About Money”

by Sep 26, 2018Afro pop, Conscious Music

↓Download ” All About Money” by Dansalazar↓

I daresay its Dansalazar, him, He, me & I in this track that introduces this multi talented singer, lyricist, Singer, song writer and every other thing in between; in an afro pop cum Caribbean styled symphony that boasts of one of the dopest and poetic lines and bars I’ve felt in a while. He titles this one- “All About Money”  a track that enlist both lyrics, hook and vocals by the same act switching intermittently in between his vocals and lyrics- This is what I call – Lyrical and Vocal ingenuity.

The track resumes quite succinctly, maintaining its tempo and gradually rising in crescendo, then cascades down, soothing every lover of this hardcore hip-hop genre’s auditory perception, albeit sensually, with a bit of conscious beats, Caribbean harmonics  and a pretty conscientious flow that will keep you dazed and in utter bewilderment of this dude who makes singing and rapping all easy.

I specifically loved the lyrical dexterity displayed and not forgetting the vocal superiority he enlists, one other thing that takes this tune quite high up there and top notch is the ease in which Dansalazar switched his characters, assuming one alter ego or the other, with beautiful and sonorous voice that will catch your fancy.

The track was produced by Millz, then mixedmastered  by Ratty bonez; and some kudos goes to both individuals who made a combo of western influence, a little bit of conscious tunes then with some root vibes to complement the whole mix. Once again I’ll give our boy Dansalazar some pat on the back for this five star performance. I loved his perfect transitions and perfect use of punch lines and then his ability to keep the theme of the song strong.

I urge y’all fans and lovers of good music to go feel this slow and well rendered musical expression that speaks highly of this upcoming act waiting in the ranks to take our music global.

You can sing along with him as he drops this well orchestrated hook-

“…I want my money yeah eh!.. you know itz about that money yeah eh…”

↓Download ” All About Money” by Dansalazar↓

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