Dantillz Dmono in “LIMBO” over Bae!

by Dec 16, 2018Afro Fusion

Dantillz Dmono is one of the industry acts to watch out for going by the profoundness he espouses. He is indeed an Artist who understands what real Afro pop sound is, and he brings that to live in this hot banging single he calls – LIMBO 

Limbo is a track with deep and thoughtful lyrics, dropped sublimely, resplendent of how he feels for his bae. I truly loved the premise on which the track resumes, with Dantillz Dmono jumping on the song with so much gusto, enlivening the whole place as the hot sound of his music filters in.

The track was produced by Ftunes, who did a beautiful job combining the right tone over the normal Afro pop/fusion beats, then fused in thorough Naija contemporary harmonics,sensually appealing to the auditory perception every listener that encounters this awesome piece.

Limbo is a track that makes the cut especially for this genre, and I believe that Dantillz Dmono has the prerequisite to stake his place at the top of the charts with this mind blowing rendition. I urge y’all to go feel this and get deep into LIMBO

Written By chinemere onuekwusi

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