Destiny Etiko brings Drama & Mirth in hot new Drama- Americana

by Oct 2, 2018Gbedustreet TV & Movies

Movie Title- AMERICANA-


From the stables of Silver Heart Production, comes this intriguing drama; filled with drama, suspense and comic situations, titled- Americana.

Americana tells a story of Nwadiuto the Americana (played by Destiny Etiko);  who arrives the campus of Eastern University with pomp and pageantry, a drama queen and attention whore of damning proportions. Her character and innuendos are so obvious that even the birds flying around the green vegetation of the campus felt her entrance. Trust her, she’s loud, loquacious, unpredictable and downright funny.

She is an American returnee who has done this & done that, she’s got experience and game; been with very influential people. Interacted with well placed societal peeps, and has invariably wined, dined and made merry with the high and Mighty both in the US and UK. However, she’s now confronted with a new world, with new values and orientation all together in the campus.

Will she adopt and survive this new environment & situation or will things go south, marking the beginning of her fall from the peak to the wretched of the earth as a result of the intrigues and complexities of the new environment?

Staring- Destiny Etiko, Ngozi Ezeonu, Besty Ikeme, Stella Idika, Dan David, Immaculate Benson, Francisca Anyika.

See Trailer Below:


Shot by: Sashi Akachukwu

Managed by: Immaculate Benson

Produced by: Silver Heart Production.

Written and Directed:  Obinna Okparuba.

Written By chinemere onuekwusi

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