DynamiQ funks the Vibes in “Radio Song”

by Jun 2, 2019Naija hip hop

Hip Hop nonconformist and lyrical genius and the poetic lyricist behind sounds like TAB, WAVEY, KILLERDynamiQ, creates another rhythmic vibe he calls- Radio Song.

Radio Song is another tirade where this Lawyer turned Rapper laces his flows albeit slowly but conscientiously and ingeniously too.

You’d feel the slow intensity of the beat, stoically sending the message of the song profoundly to the listener and those with a sophisticated auditory perception to this kinda sound.

Beats By Brown took the production credits, and he did a wonderful job with his intelligent mix of the proper tune, beats & rhythm over the right pitch to give you something cool, slow and superb to dance and vibe to.

Once again, DynamiQ brings his originality to the fore , not minding the retinue of poor sounds the hip hop space is currently inundated with in – Radio Song, so I daresay you’d be confronted with a song quite bold and supreme!

Written By chinemere onuekwusi

Chinemere Onuekwusi is just a dude who writes on pretty much every topic that relates to small business, blogging, Music, Films and conscientious issues. He enjoys reading, traveling and he's a helluva technology enthusiast.

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