DynamiQ lost and stunned in “Jaded”

Jaded new single by DynamiQ

Rap aficionado and lyrical demagogue DynamiQ is back again and he ones again brings his ingenuity to the fore in new single – Jaded; a track that takes you through the pains of losing and gaining a loved one.

As expected, DynamiQ shun like a million stars with his sublime delivery and perfect use of metaphors and punchlines to paint a beautiful story of love quite scenic and empathetic to say the least.

Jaded was produced by quintessential Producer- R Groove; who made a marriage of superb Afrocentric rhymes fused deep in contemporary Afro American rap style; with DynamiQ showing his duality as a nonconformist as well as Progressive rap icon by doing both verses in real hardcore hip hop and trap.

DynamiQ , whose lyrical masterpieces like Wavey, T.A.B, Radio Song & Killer in truly showed why he is rising through the ranks and climbing the rap ladder with his deep and poetic lines and top notch rap pattern that seems to appeal to a wider and of hip hop lovers and pundits.

I urge y’all to go feel Jaded and I bet you’ll be amazed at the brilliance that DynamiQ infused in this beautiful rap rendition.

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