DynamiQ Subtly demands in “Gimme love” feat Shinzu

by Dec 21, 2019Naija hip hop

Gimme love by DynamiQ X Shinzu

Prolific lyricist and rap genius- DynamiQ, spits some love and romantic vibes in this new joint he calls “Gimme Love” featuring power rhymer, lyricist cum vocalist- Shinzu.

In the new duet, the Radio song, Jaded & Killer crooner takes it top notch, quiet, slow and super easy. Delivering his lines of love and realism, filled with romance and gentle submission to the listening pleasure of and and lovers of this hip hop style and genre.

On the second verse, Shinzu brings his lyrical side to the fore with bars that tells not just the story of the song, but one borne out of love and ingenuity. I truly felt the originality and lyrical prowess that shone through the verse.

Gimme Love was produced by DCQ Beats, who made sure he utilized some rather sombre beats over a slow rhythmic tone, ensuring that the theme of the attack expertly tallies with the pitch as well as the tempo.

Again, DynamiQ showcases his perfect mic flows bringing along fellow singer and rapper- Shinzu, in this duet of Love, commitment and passion.

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