Ekzay Luzani goes Soft in “UR LOVE”

by Aug 7, 2018Afro pop, Afro RnB

↓Download “UR LOVE” By Ekzay Luzani↓

Ekzay Luzani who’s known to drop hardcore lyrics as evidenced in songs like “Okwa Street” and “Nsogbu” ; decides to show his vocal strength in this new solo effort he calls –UR LOVE, a love song that resonates the feeling of togetherness and intimacy between two consensual adults.

UR LOVE entirely ushers in another untapped side of our boy Ekzay, and sets him up for more artistic scrutiny by both fans and critics, and I’ll submit here that he held his own, especially as you listen to this song which resumes on a rather soft tempo. I also loved the use of the kpon kpon sound that took center stage during the entire course of this rendition.

You could also feel in the profoundness of the delivery, followed by a smooth transition of vocals, dropped with a nice combo of contemporary beats, infused in the signatory naija flavaed rhymes and presented in a manner so sensual and arresting to the listener.

The track was produced by Kenny Brown who made sure that he mixed the right beats, tempo and pitch proportionately to the delightedness of every lover of this genre. He also made sure that Ezkay’s vocal allure shone quite loudly as he sings sonorously to the chagrin of many who only know him as a hardcore vernacular lyricist.

I urge y’all to go feel the other side of this multi talented rapper now vocalist by downloading, sharing and dancing cooly to the musical expression that Ekzay Luzani espouses while he serenades the ladies nicely in this song that screams prominently of love!

↓Download “UR LOVE” By Ekzay Luzani↓

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