Ekzay Luzani in all Street Vibes in “OKWA STREET”

by Jul 26, 2018Indigenous, Naija hip hop

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Ekzay Luzani , coming on the heels of his recently released single NSOGBU; once again shows his street cred as he drops yet another club/street banger in this fast tempo rap rendition he titles – “OKWA STREET”  a track that takes you through the labyrinth of lyrics that will keep you dancing, nodding and reeling in excitement as you feel the intensity of the song cascading down your whole system.

OKWA STREET  is a hot track that resumes on a rather racy tempo, filled with punch rhymes and dropped party style. I loved the energetic display that characterized the delivery, you could feel the sense of purpose coupled with the sheer strength, that defines the forceful personality of Ekzay Luzani.

And going by the lyrical dexterity he showcases in bars and rhymes, it becomes an established fact that he indeed is one of the hottest indigenous rappers currently blazing the trail as far as this industry is concerned. One other thing I loved about the song is the use of native beats, fused with contemporary tones and blended superbly with top notch lyrics and vocals that rock!

The track was produced by Kenny Brown who employed the signatory oriental gong- the ogene , to make this song quite unique, you could feel his deft touches and also applaud his subtle use of local beats to match the tempo of the song. So much kudos also goes to Ekzay who lived through the course of this song, ensuring that his rhyming pattern was in perfect sync with the beats and of course the vocals.

OKWA STREET is a track that sends our boy Ekzay Luzani on top of the lyrical food-chain , to rub shoulders with the high and mighty in the game, especially with the proliferation of MCs with no juice and flow making the rounds in the industry. So I urge y’all to go feel this hot track by downloading, sharing and of course dancing then singing in chorus with Ekzay Luzani:

“…ebelebe … okwa ina kwa ina…. ke ife ineme biko chanu uzo…”

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