Emluv Drops New EP- “NEW WAVE”

by Sep 6, 2021Album Reviews, Music Genre

Fast-rising naija hip hop act and slow dub styled rapper- EMLUV , finally sets the tempo for a whole new genre of afro hop in his new EP titled- NEW WAVE.

The EP comprises six tracks, with dope lyricism and top-notch vocals, gracing the entirety of this Musical Work.

The EP saw him working with some of the Best Producers and Sounds people, who made a combo of the most terrific sound concoctions. Ensuring that a “NEW WAVE” of music, one so pleasing to our audio perception, was borne!



The first track on this well-lit compilation, and Emluv carries talented vocalist – AD STRINGZ to complement this joint. The song is all about the struggles of living and working as a young person in Nigeria. The song was produced by Nolly Mix, then mixed and mastered by Icon Mix.


AFRO CONSCIOUSNESS at its peak here, as well as Naija hip hop all fused together in this propped-up party-styled tune he calls SING MY SONG (Hippopo). The track had additional vocals from Jife, while Emluv yet in his customary slow and pitchforked syle, lits up the airwaves with this masterpiece.


New Wave is yet another song filled with lots of positivity and new energy. Here, we get to feel the novelty of our bit Emluv. I truly loved the fusion of clean sounds thoroughly fused with the right lyrics and vocals. The track was produced by Scheamer and again mixed and mastered by Icon Mix. It is no wonder why the title of this track bore the name of the EP, well deserved if you ask me.


WORK sees Emluv taking his style to yet another well-toned level as he vibes strongly. The track is all about the importance of taking earning a living quite seriously.

I loved the phrase “pikin wey no see moi moi chop go call am shit”

WORK was produced by Baaman, while Jenobaze handled the mixing and mastering. Kudos to Emluv for bringing yet another street banger to this compilation.


CORRECT VIBEZ is yet another song that espouses “positive vibes”. Emluv drops some dope lyrics over cool vocals. You would really love the conscious laid-back rhyme heavily employed by this Melinda crooner. The song was produced by Tune Prince, then mix and mastered by Boomix. While Don Lyf could be credited for the extra vocals we felt on this piece.


This is the last installment in the NEW WAVE EP by EMLUV. Cornerstone is all about optimism and strong hope. In the song, Emluv gave vivid details of his steady and well-deserved rise to the top. This is especially so with regards to the naysayers who kinda doubt and resent his undeniable talent, one that will eventually see him rocking with the Stars.

Cornerstone was produced by Perry Beat, and for the umpteenth time, Mixed and Mastered by Icon Mix


NEW WAVE is a well-packaged EP, and I say nice one EMLUV for finally showing the Wolrd what a bundle of talent you are.

The amount of positive energy and vibes that serenaded the entire musical works, is truly one that should be commended.

Noe forgetting the Producers and those who made inputs that made this EP a solid piece to be celebrated.

Written By chinemere onuekwusi

Chinemere Onuekwusi is just a dude who writes on pretty much every topic that relates to small business, blogging, Music, Films and conscientious issues. He enjoys reading, traveling and he's a helluva technology enthusiast.

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