Exclusive : I was not Deported – Vic “O” Revealed

by Feb 18, 2020Star Interviews

I believe by now you might have been seeing Vic O videos on all our social media platform, both the 30 seconds skit and the rest, by popular demand on talk with a Star we decide to reveal to you guys exclusively and make you guys understand that Vic O was not deported and that he’s been doing great.

Vic “O”exclusive conversation with Gbedustreet Media

On these episode Gouti throw out question to the International Star Vic “O” as he explain why he decided to come back to Nigeria and that he was not deported.

Gouti : What made you feel coming back to Nigeria to continue your music career is the best thing to do i mean you’re already making waves overseas everybody knows Vic O, its working for you over there, but suddenly you decided to come back to Nigeria?

Vic “O” : I love that honestly i must confess “I LOVE THAT” to be honest, Coming back to Nigeria, Nigeria is my country no matter what it is Nigeria is one of the best place i have ever seen, i have been to half of these world, I’ve been traveling, I’ve been to almost everywhere in Europe but trust me Nigeria is one of the best country no matter what, we might be crazy in our thoughts in our doing, but trust Nigeria is one of the best and coolest place to live, so I came back to spend more time in Nigeria to see what our people are capable of doing, what to do and the right thing to do and the right thing to sell to a Nigerian I am very famous in Europe, I am very famous in the UK, USA & all that, that is cool, but trust me whatever you’re doing out of the country.. um mm You say yes you’re doing very well out of the country and you’re not doing it in your own country, That means you’ve done nothing, that’s why i came back to relax.

To be honest some people use to say, many of my fans ask me such crazy questions like You have been deported from a place, you have been doing that c’mon mehn i have not been deported i’m a good citizen of Italian, i have my citizenship, i wasn’t a criminal, i was not a yahoo boy, I’ve been working all day playing football working doing my music earning a good money, paying my taxes and all that so I got no reason to be deported, If I was deported i am very famous in Europe they could have videoed me probably in the NEWS rampant “That this guys was deported bla bla bla” but nothing like that happen so you guys should understand that i am zeal I’ve been a cool dude doing my thing.


I’m just been cool enjoying my city, enjoying my country That is Me.

View Interview session Below

I was not Deported – Vic “O” Revealed

I hope by now you guys can now realize the fact that Vic O was not deported and he is still making waves in the music industry both home and abroad.

Written By Dare Frost

Dare Alade also known as Frost a Passionate Editor, Blogger. needless to say much, I hope you find me interesting.

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